Outlaw's Bride Discussion Questions: Lori Copeland


1. Johnny McAllister stepped away from God. In what way
does his actions support that statement? Or is he right to
demand an eye for an eye?



2. Because of Johnny’s choices, Ragan has a hard time accepting
her growing feelings for him, but the Lord tells us to ‘love
your neighbor as yourself’. Does God actually mean for us to
love everyone? Are there limits and conditions to our love?



3. The town seems silly in their attempts to rid themselves of
outlaws. Has there ever been a time when you went to great,
exaggerated lengths to accomplish something you wanted? If
so, explain.



4. Johnny and Everett’s friendship appears to be an unlikely
one, but during the story the men form a deep respect for
each other. What does having a close friend mean to you? Do
you have many friends? Or many acquaintances, but only one
close friend that you can tell anything? How do men’s friendships
differ from women’s?



5. What changes in Johnny’s spiritual life during the story?
Does anything change, or does he discover that God’s love is
always with him? How is this shown?



6. Was Judge McMann wise to start a criminal rehabilitation
program? Did he subject the town to unsavory characters in
addition to the ones they already had to deal with? Was he
thinking of his book or the criminal’s welfare?



7. What meant more to Johnny: serving his sentence with dignity and respect, or getting his grandfather’s
gun back? How often do we serve God with ulterior motives?



8. Ragan loves the Lord. She’s been raised by a pastor and the word of God is as familiar to her as her
name. Considering this, would she still have married Johnny McAllister if he hadn’t changed? What does
the Bible tells us about being unequally yoked? How often do we abandon our deepest convictions and go
with our wishes?



9. Have you ever faced a similar situation—loving someone you knew was wrong for you, but powerless
to break the attraction? What if anything did you do to seek help? Or did you make the mistake and pay a
heavy price. Talk about it.



10. Does God open doors or do you open doors? What’s the difference? Would the outcome be changed in
any way if you took the lead in your life and followed your heart? How can we know whether we are doing
what we want, or simply responding to what comes our way?



11. What is the moral of Outlaw’s Bride? Did you take anything away with you that you haven’t already considered
in your spiritual walk?



12. We know that God’s love, grace and mercy are sufficient. In what way did God fulfill his promises to
Ragan and Johnny? Can you see any part of your life, your trusts or headstrong ways in this story?



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