I Like Giving: The Transforming Power of a Generous LifeI Like Giving: The Transforming Power of a Generous Life
Brad Formsma
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In I Like Giving, Brad Formsma will show you the passion and joy that comes from living a life marked by generosity. Living a generous life doesn't just apply to giving money, it's about being generous with our time and talents as well. Sharing practical ideas and inspiring real-life stories, I Like Giving will help you discover the freedom available to you when you create a life known by kindness and action.

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Q: How did you become an advocate for generous living?

A: I became an advocate over a long period of time. I have found that creating a lifestyle of generosity is not an overnight experience. It started with my grandfather’s example in my early teen years, which was mainly my watching him as opposed to him preaching to me. There is real power and freedom in sharing giving stories with others without asking for something from them. This happened the more I discovered the power of giving stories. Think of giving this way: We get to. We don't got to.

Q: What is your favorite example of giving?

A: Now that’s a hard one! I have so many favorites. If we are talking family giving, I would say the “I Like Bike” story. The “I Like Bike” experience took our family to a whole new level! If we are talking about someone giving away all they have, “I Like Car” is at the top of my list. Overall, stories of kids being generous are super inspiring to me. They don't over think it, and it’s so pure. Best of all, I think it changes them for life—a life that is truly life.

Q: What do you find are the unexpected benefits of giving to others?

A: I find a mysterious reset to my outlook on life. A fresh perspective on what it's all about. Thoughts of worry or concern disappear; joy rushes in and stays. I find I am less self-focused and more aware. Awareness has been huge in my life because once you become aware of a need then you can do something about it!
Q: Where do you get your stories about giving and generosity?

A: I get stories from all over the world through my website (I Like Giving.com), as well friends and new people I meet along the way.  Once you give someone the permission to share a story, it's hard to stop them. There are a ton of generous people out there who want to share but they have not previously had the encouragement or platform to do it. We don't care if it's anonymous or not. It's about how one story can change you and the world around you.

Q: What will people learn about generosity from I Like Giving?

A: They will learn that they can do it. It's wired into all of us to be givers. Readers will be guided through the process, encouraged at every step of the way. They will be inspired by others who have taken the courage to share their stories as a way to motivate others. It snowballs in a great big way! They will experience that going from awareness to action can lead to miracles happening in their own lives.


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