Leadership PrayersLeadership Prayers
Richard Kriegbaum
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Why was Jesus an effective leader? Because he prayed often, deeply, and in faith. Now you can gain the vision, wisdom, and compassion that distinguishes a great leader through communicating one-on-one with the Lord. Thirty prayers offer insight into topics such as planning, courage, values, and more to help you fulfill God's call to leadership.

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Your strength makes everything possible,
God. Make me a strong leader.

    God arms me with strength;
    he has made my way safe.

    Psalm 18:32

If the mission
really matters,
the only leader
worth following
is a strong leader.

A strong leader is the only kind of leader I want to follow, God, especially with purposes as important as ours. And it is the kind of leader I want to be. I don't want to be the boss; I want to be the leader.
I am not asking for the power to make people do what I want. I need some sort of authority, but I don't care if you give me formal, positional authority or informal, personal authority. I simply want to be the person who exercises decisive influence on the values and directions of the whole group, the one who holds them together and keeps them healthy and on task. I want to be the one they willingly go all the way with.
A weak leader is not really a leader at all, Lord. If you want me to lead, I have to be strong, and you will have to do it. I know you can. Nothing is impossible for you. I just do not know if you will. So I am saying to you plainly that if you grant a miracle of your strength in me and a miracle of your protection on my efforts and on the people I want to serve, then I can be the strong leader we need. Otherwise I cannot be the leader at all because we do not need a weak leader.
We need a leader with great influence, somone almost everyone trusts, someone who can enable us to get the job done. Only your strength can do this in me, and only your grace can move them to accept me as the leader. If you want someone else to lead, show me and everyone else that I am not the leader.
I am willing to lead with your strength, Lord. I think you have prepared me to lead. I have learned to follow well, so people can trust me to lead with a follower's heart. Help those I lead to be strong and active with me in the leadership process, not passive and simply compliant.
When I step out in leadership actions, either I will be persuasive and effective or I won't. If your strength can flow through me and make others feel strong when I lead, then you will have shown us again that...Your strength makes everything possible, God. Make me a strong leader.

A weak leader is not really a leader at all.

    Excerpt from Leadership Prayers by Richard Kriegbaum
    Tyndale House, 1998
    All rights reserved.