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Standard Publishing Sunday School Curriculum


Standard Publishing VBS Kits


During the 12 years that children experience HeartShaper children’s Sunday school curriculum, they will make 5 age-appropriate journeys through the Bible. Bible skills have been integrated when learners are ready to develop those abilities. Curriculum for toddlers focuses on one concept for a whole month while middle elementary learners dive into Bible chronology because they understand time. Preteens discover answers from God’s Word to the questions they face in their world and lots of activity options provide the flexibility to customize the lesson and make it do what works best for the teacher and students. Lessons can be adapted to large classes that are age-specific or small classes that include a range of ages and abilities.


Guide Junior High and High School students to encounter God in their everyday lives. Your students experience lessons in a variety of ways to fit their learning styles including “hands-on” activities like drama, art and games as well as intellectually engaging small group discussions. Using video clips, audio skits, poster files, and a contemporary student book design, the youth in your church will easily relate to this curriculum. In addition, ENCOUNTER—The Magazine challenges students to bring home what they have studied. This eight-page magazine contains engaging articles and stories and daily lesson-related devotions.




For over 100 years, church leaders have trusted Standard Publishing to create life-changing Adult Bible study resources. Standard Lesson Quarterly is a well resourced adult curriculum trusted by church leaders for over a century. The 6-year cycle intentionally takes students through Scripture based on the International Sunday School Lessons (ISSL) / Uniform Series. Each quarter contains 13 lessons including verse-by-verse Bible exposition, discussion questions, culturally relevant examples and ready to use resources to enhance study. Available in both KJV and NIV Bible Translations.





The Standard Lesson Commentary® is an essential accompanyment to the Standard Lesson Quarterly Bible studies. Each commentary contains 52 weeks of lessons including verse-by-verse Bible exposition, discussion questions, and ready to use resources to enhance study. Teachers will appreciate the ease with which they are able to produce quality lessons; students will appreciate how easy the lessons are to understand. Available in KJV and NIV Bible Translations and with eCommentary (CD-ROM) containing additional free study resources.


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