Blue Enchantress Discussion Questions: Mary Lu Tyndall

1.      In The Blue Enchantress, Hope’s greatest weakness was throwing herself at any man who would look her way. What three major things in her childhood caused her to seek value, self-worth, and love in the arms of men who didn’t truly love her? Explain from your own experience or that of someone you know, how each of these three things can create an empty hole inside someone’s heart.


2.     What was the only quality Hope possessed that she believed was of any value?  How did she use it to her advantage? Do you know any young girls today who believe the same way?  And if so, what do you think caused it? Do you see this trend in our present day culture? What can we do, if anything, to prevent it in our own lives and the lives of our daughters?


3.      What were some of the things the other characters did to try and fill the void in their own hearts?  Major Paine? Mr. Hendrick?  Mrs. Hendrick?  Captain Poole?  Gavin Keese?  Lord Falkland?  Do you know people who seek fulfillment in the same type of things today?


4.     In what ways were Mrs. Hendrick and Hope alike?  How did Mrs. Hendrick’s choices and their consequences affect Hope?  Did Abigail have an effect on Hope?  In what way?  Do you believe God sends people into your life to teach you things?


5.      What did Hope come to realize was the only thing that could fill the void in her heart, cleanse her of her past, and give her self-worth?  What seven events or influences led up to this awakening in her?



6.     Nathaniel Mason felt the call of God on his life. What was that call? And why did he ignore it?  Have you ever felt the specific call of God on your life to go in a certain direction? Explain what happened, or is still happening.


7.     What happened in Nathaniel’s childhood that left a gaping wound in his heart?  How does he feel toward his mother at the beginning of the book?  What did he value more than anything because of his past?


8.     How did Nathaniel’s past and his goals conflict with his attraction toward Hope? What did he learn by the end of the story about her past that helped him see things differently?


9.     How did God get Nathaniel’s attention and reinforce His plan that Nathaniel should become a preacher? What things did Nathaniel lose? What things was he able to accomplish through the power of God?


10.     Even though Nathaniel was running from God’s call, did God give up on him? Do you believe God can use circumstances and even great loss to guide you in the right direction? Do you have examples from your own life or someone you know?


11.     What things did you like about Gavin Keese? What things did you not like? What was his effect on Nathaniel? On Hope? How did he change by the end of the book and why?


     Though Abigail was willing to do God’s will no matter what, what was her biggest fear? Who helped her overcome it? God sometimes uses the most unlikely people to accomplish his tasks. Can you think of an example in your own life?



13.    What caused Captain Poole’s fear of God?  Does God still use miracles to get people’s attention? Captain Poole had a reverence for God that seems lacking among many Christians today, and yet he was seeking the truth. What does the Bible say about those who seek God with all their heart?







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