The GateThe Gate
Dann A. Stouten
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When an ad for a vacation cottage catches the eye of a man on the edge of burnout, he impulsively sets off to visit the property while his wife and daughters are away. When he arrives and is ushered through the gate, he finds something far different from the typical vacation retreat. In fact, it seems he may have found the back door to heaven. The proprietor and people from his past welcome him with food, rest, and conversation until what started out as a little escape from everyday life turns into an experience he will never forget.


 The Gate Discussion Questions: By Dann A. Stouten


1. What happens to us when we die?


 2. How do we get to heaven?


 3. What is heaven like?


 4. What will we look like in heaven?



 5. Will we know each other in heaven?


 6. Will we work in heaven?



 7. Who would you want to see first when you get to heaven?



 8. Who would you be surprised to see in heaven?



 9. What life lessons have you learned from the people in your inner circle?



 10. What would you do over in life if God gave you the chance?



 11. How much of life is choice and how much is chance?



 12. Who is making an impact on your life, and who are you impacting?



 13. What is God like?


 14. When Jesus came as a servant, was he revealing who God really is?



 15. How would you describe the Holy Spirit?




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