A Cousinís Prayer Discussion Questions: Wanda Brunstetter

1.     Katie Miller had a difficult time accepting her boyfriend’s death, and afterwards, she went through a period of depression. Has someone you know gone through something similar? If so, how did you try to help them work through their depression?


2.     List some ways you can help someone going through depression. What should you not do when someone’s dealing with depression?


3.     Did Katie’s folks do the right thing by sending her to live with her grandparents after Timothy died?  Do you think Katie’s parents were supportive of her, or were they too controlling?


4.     When Katie returned to Indiana her depression turned into anxiety attacks. At first, Katie tried to hide the attacks, feeling embarrassed and confused by her unexplained symptoms. Have you or someone you know ever suffered from anxiety attacks? If so, were you embarrassed by the symptoms? Did you tell someone about the feelings or try to hide them?


5.     Why it is important to share your feelings with someone when you’re going through depression or some kind of an emotional problem?



6.     What are some ways you can help someone dealing with anxiety attacks? Do you think there’s ever a time when a person can deal with these kinds of attacks alone, or do they always need the guidance of a trained professional?


7.     When Loraine miscarried, she was deeply saddened, although she accepted it as God’s will. What are some ways you can help someone who has lost a baby?


8.     When Katie found a baby on her porch and decided not to notify the sheriff right away, she told Freeman about it. Did Freeman do the right thing when he agreed to keep Katie’s secret? What would have been a better way for Freeman to have helped Katie?


9.     Is there ever a time when it’s all right to gossip or talk about someone’s problems?


10.     Eunice was jealous of the attention Freeman gave Katie, so she gossiped about Katie and tried to make her look bad. What should a person do when they know someone is gossiping about them?


11.     What life’s lessons did you learn from reading A Cousin’s Prayer?


12.     Were there any verses of scripture that spoke to your heart? If so, in what way might you use that scripture to deal with some situation in your own life?


13.     What did you learn about the Amish way of life that you didn’t know before? 




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