Love is a Battlefield Discussion Questions: Annalisa Daughety

1. Kristy comes across as unemotional at times. Why do you think she’s so determined to keep her feelings in check?


2.     When Kristy is stood up by Rob, she shrugs it off rather than getting too upset. Did that surprise you?



3.     How has Kristy’s parents’ divorce impacted the way she views relationships?



4.     Kristy has a lot of empathy for Zach. Why do you think that is?



5.      How did Caroline’s death affect Ace’s outlook on life?



6.     Everyone deals with loss in a different way, but Kristy is especially uncomfortable when she tries to comfort Ainsley over Brad’s death.  Why do you think this is?



7.     Kristy’s relationship with her sister, Sarah, is very strained.  Even when Kristy reaches out and forgives her sister for the hurt she’s caused, Sarah continues to lash out.  Is there someone in your life you’ve tried to reach out to, but were rejected?  How did you handle it?



8.     Why do you think Sarah treats Kristy the way she does?



9.     Kristy is quick to judge—first with Brad and later with Ace—and was wrong in both situations.  Have you ever been guilty of jumping to conclusions?  How did it impact your relationships?



10.     Love Is a Battlefield shows how anger and hurt can build up over the years. Kristy is finally set free from her bitter feelings by forgiving those who have hurt her in the past.  What should she do to make sure she doesn’t end up in the same situation again?


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