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1.     Even though Meredith loves her family and is close with them, she began to see things about them that she wished were different. Do you think she chose the right way to go about trying to make changes in her relationship with her family?


2.     We’ve all had a family member who’s embarrassed us in one way or another. But is there someone you love dearly of whom you’re ashamed, like Major with his mother? Someone you don’t want your friends or coworkers to meet? What is at the root of that shame? How does that affect your relationship with that loved one?


3.     Part of Meredith and Major’s problem in this story is that they don’t do a good job of communicating with each other. What is at the root of the problem for each of them that keeps them from being open and honest with each other?


4.     Meredith’s house is representative of both Meredith’s and Major’s lives—all put together on the outside but needing some major work done inside. How did each go about doing those emotional and spiritual renovations? Are you putting on a good face for the world and ignoring the mess going on inside?


5.     After his mother’s burn accident, Major tells Mr. Guidry he’s not going to take their offer to start a restaurant. Have you ever had to give up your dream to care for a loved one? How did that affect your life? What did it do to your relationship with that person? Did you ever get to pursue that dream?



6.     Even though Meredith felt like she didn’t get the respect at work she deserved due to her position, she didn’t feel like she could say anything to her parents about it—that if she worked hard enough and proved herself, they would eventually give her that respect. Eventually, her brother intervenes on her behalf, opening her parents’ eyes to the situation. Do you need to have a conversation like that with your boss? Or are you more like Meredith’s parents, overlooking and taking for granted your employees? Do you tell your children they are appreciated and increase their responsibilities when they prove themselves trustworthy?


7.     Major thinks about the quote from the John Wayne movie, “Never apologize, it’s a sign of weakness.” What do you think of that sentiment? Is apologizing or admitting you’re wrong a sign of weakness?


8.     Do you assume that people are going to think worse of you if they find out some secret about your past or your family? What happens when you make that assumption?


9.     Meredith spent many years praying for God to give her “the desire of her heart”—to have Major fall in love with her. Why do you think it took her changing her prayer to a request for contentment for God to give her the desire of her heart?


10.     When Major is in the hospital, Forbes confronts him about telling Meredith the truth about his mother. Forbes tells Major he needs to do what the Bible commands and honor his mother. What does “Honor thy father and mother” mean to you? How do we honor our parents?







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