Daisy Chain, Defiance, Texas Series #1Daisy Chain, Defiance, Texas Series #1
Mary E. DeMuth
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The abrupt disappearance of young Daisy Chance haunts the small town of Defiance, Texas. Fourteen-year-old Jed Pepper searches for answers in this gritty and compelling story of love and sorrow, revealing God's hand of redemption in impossible situations. Lyrical fiction from a bright new literary talent.


 Daisy Chain Discussion Questions: Mary DeMuth


1. When you first meet Daisy, what is your immediate impression? How does your opinion of Daisy change throughout the book?


2. How does Jed’s view of God’s protection change throughout the book? How does “God’s eye” serve as a symbol of his journey?


3. Discuss Hixon. What were your feelings about him early on in the story? Did they change by the end of the book? How does he grow, or help Jed to grow?


4. Considering the cast of characters, who do you think killed Daisy?


5. Family secrets play a significant role in Daisy Chain. Who is imprisoned by them? Who is set free? Do secrets always bring bondage when kept and freedom when revealed?


6. Talk about Hap. Did your feelings for him ever change throughout the story? What makes Hap who he is? Could there be salvation for Hap?



7. What role does Ethrea Ree play in Daisy Chain? What surprises you about her?


8. What role does Clementine play in the Pepper family dynamic?


9. What redemptive elements do you see in Daisy Chain? Does any good come out of the tragedies of Defiance?


10. We are told that Sissy has a lisp at the beginning of the book, but Jed can’t hear it. Do you think he chooses not to hear it until the end? Does he really hear it then?


11. Jed lives with deep feelings of guilt and regret. What does his story say about living like this? How have you learned to deal with your own guilt or regret?


12. What images—the mural, God’s eye, Ethrea Ree’s roses—accentuate the book’s themes the best? Which resounds the most with you, and why?



13. Why do you think Hixon lied about the Jesus tree?


14. What does Jed want more than anything else?


15. If you could change one thing about one of the characters in Daisy Chain, what would it be?


16. Who serves as Jed’s best mentor? Why? Does Jed mentor others?


17. What are your feelings toward Ouisie? Can you relate to her?


18. How does Emory cope with her loss? How does her relationship with Jed change over the course of the book?



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