Toward an Exegetical TheologyToward an Exegetical Theology
Walter C. Kaiser Jr.
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In Toward an Exegetical Theology Walter Kaiser proposes a method of interpretation and exegesis which bridges the gap between the study of the biblical text and the actual delivery of that study to a congregation. Arguing that the biblical texts must serve as the foundation for all teaching and preaching, Kaiser develops what he calls the Syntactical-Theological method, which aims to link the original meaning of a text (the meaning intended by its author) to its contemporary significance.

Kaiser stands firmly on the side of tradition by arguing that each text has only one true meaning, that meaning intended by the original author. How do we discover this meaning? Studying the text using the Syntactical-Theological method of exegesis. This method looks at the various aspects of a text, and offers insight on developing a contextual, syntactical, verbal, theological and homiletical analysis. Combining all types of analysis gives us greater insight into the true meaning of the text, which then translates into a better understanding of the text's current significance.

This book was intended as an introduction to the formation of an exegetical theology, and Kaiser hopes that it will be the impetus for others to fill out the rest of that theology. He examines the issues related to exegesis, and offers the Syntactical-Theological method. Its a truly valuable first step, and will go a long way in helping pastors to understand the significance of God's word in their congregation. Kaiser is quick to note that preaching without the Holy Spirit of God, even preaching that uses Kaiser's methods, will be ineffective, and he calls on pastors to combine their diligent study of the word with an utter dependence upon God's Spirit. When this is done, the Word of God will be truly and effectively preached, and it will return to God after accomplishing its purpose.

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Praise for Toward an Exegetical Theology: Biblical Exegesis for Preaching and Teaching, by Walter C. Kaiser Jr.

Carl G. Kromminga: "Will prove valuable reading to anyone who is charged with teaching and preaching the Word of God. It will provide a sound basis for reflection on how one should move from the study of the biblical text to a contemporary presentation of its message." (Calvin Theological Journal)

Richard Schultz: "[Recommended] to every student of God's Word regardless of his/her theological persuasion, academic preparation, or ministerial experience. To attempt any exegetical work without the application of 'Kaiser's method' or a comparable approach is to hinder oneself in the quest for the original and abiding meaning of the text." (Westminster Theological Journal)

Robert L. Reymond: "I recommend this book as a helpful aid to ministers in their preparation of sermons which will communicate to today's congregations the timeless truth of God's inerrant Word." (Covenant Seminary Review)

Robert E. Van Voorst: "A thorough and painstaking introduction to a form of preaching which is directly based on careful interpretation of the text. Kaiser's proposed method is especially useful in training the preacher to trace out in the text and use in the sermon the grammatical and theological syntax of the text." (Reformed Review)