Breach of Trust, Call of Duty Series #1Breach of Trust, Call of Duty Series #1
DiAnn Mills
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Paige Rogers thought she had buried her past when she became the librarian in small town Split Creek, Oklahoma. But her growing relationship with high school football coach Miles Laird and the political ambitions of her former boss threaten to unmask her. Will she risk everything---even love---to expose the would-be governor's past misdeeds? 350 pages, softcover from Tyndale.


 Breach of Trust Discussion Questions: DiAnn Mills


1. Mikaela Olsson, a.k.a. Paige Rogers, has lied to her friends and family about her life. How do you feel about that decision?



2. Do you think Miles was right in choosing a sophomore to play the coveted quarterback position?



3. What Bible story (or stories) is depicted in Mikaela’s life?



4. The life of a CIA operative is controversial. Do you think a Christian can live out his or her faith while performing the tasks necessary to keep our country safe?



5. Mikaela had to make some tough decisions regarding Nathan. Would you have made the same choices?



6. Was Mikaela right or wrong in keeping her identity from Miles for so long?



7. At times, Miles was frustrated with the lack of knowledge about Mikaela’s past. Do you feel he would have been justified to abandon the relationship?




8. Did Ty Dalton have a choice when he was blackmailed? What could he have done differently?



9. Real love means one makes sacrifices for the good of the other. What sacrifices did Miles make for Mikaela?



10. Do you think Keary would have hurt Nathan? Why or why not?



11. If you were the prosecutor in Keary’s subsequent trial, who would you select as your prime witness?



12. If you were Keary’s defense attorney, how would you build a case for his innocence?



13. Do you think Mikaela will resume her role at the CIA?



14. If you were a resident of Split Creek, would you accept Miles, Mikaela, and Nathan Laird into your circle of friends?




A Note from the Author

Dear reader,

My goal in writing Breach of Trust was to provide you with adventure and suspense through the lives of unforgettable characters from the first page to the last.

Exploring the life of Mikaela Olsson and the sacrifices she made to protect those she loved provided an opportunity to examine the emotions involved in the work of the CIA. I am grateful to the CIA for their research recommendations in helping me portray as accurately as possible the responsibilities of an operative. My understanding of this highly respected organization was guided by its mission statement: “The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an independent US Government agency responsible for providing national security intelligence to senior US policymakers.”

I have often wondered how a Christian operative views faith juxtaposed with a commitment to safeguard our country, for their dangerous missions often involve activities that believers may question. My character resolved that issue by acknowledging that she could use her God-given talents and abilities to secure necessary information yet still live out her faith.

I hope you enjoyed Mikaela’s journey because this story was written for you. Every word is for you – to inspire, to entertain, and to challenge all of us to be better people.

Expect an Adventure
DiAnn Mills

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