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Recently we had the privilege of interviewing bestselling
Christian artist Sandy Lynam Clough, creator of exquisite teasets, gifts, and framed art. 

 At, it’s been our pleasure to market and display Sandy Clough's framed art, books, home decoratives, and gifts. Her look is unique, and we would agree that it is indeed a gift from God.

While we've come to know and love your traditional designs, with teacups, roses, and lacy trims, we’re seeing a more contemporary look, more vibrant. How did that come about?
Actually, my art has always changed with the times.  Early in my career, my work was decidedly country- with woven baskets, weathered wood and other memories of rural life. Next I specialized in paintings with quilts, then added duck decoys and some wildlife. The loveliness of vintage Victoriana was a great fit for my love of beautiful old things. And then the joy of the garden and the charm of the “cottage” appealed to me.  Now, the birds are taking me back to my roots!  My first oil painting in the second grade was a little goldfinch and now I’m painting them again.


Are you planning to expand in that direction? 

 I will continue to grow and pay attention to our changing environment and what is interesting to people right now, although I will never lose my love of the beautiful old things that always seem to find a way into my work.


What is the process of selecting just the right Scripture quotes to go with your work?

 Sometimes, the licensing companies that we work with select the scriptures and I approve them if they feel right. Occasionally, I suggest a scripture or saying that touches my heart. An example would be my new garden flag that says “Prayer Changes Things”. And, of course, many of the scriptures in my books come out of my devotional time.

What inspires new designs for you? 

 It only takes one thing that I see to get the wheels turning. I keep a sketchbook to write down my ideas with a rough sketch, so that I won’t forget them before I can get them done. I always say that my ideas are like planes waiting to land—and, unfortunately, some of them crash because another new idea takes their place!


Do you ever get “stuck”? 

 Occasionally I do and I pray and ask the Lord to give me the right creative decision.


We’ve read about past issues with your vision. Has that improved at all? (We hope so.) 

Thank you for remembering and asking! My vision is stable.  There has been no further damage to my right eye (my vision in that eye was saved after being damaged by a torn retina event) and my left eye still has very good vision.  My brain prefers the “good eye” and I frequently forget about the problem. No one has ever been able to see a difference in my work because of the damage. 





Respecting your family’s privacy is important to us, but wondering if your sons have inherited the creative gifts of painting 

My older son did inherit painting abilities and my younger son preferred drawing and calligraphy.  But neither has chosen art for a career: one is a missionary staff member at the International House of Prayer and the other is an Assistant District Attorney.

What are you planning for the next year?    

Oh my!

I have sketches for 30 new pieces of art right now. If only I can get them all done!  In the coming year, you will see my new collection of quilt fabric, a collection of travel bags, as well as stationery, table top items, garden flags, holiday décor and more!


 Any special words for our CBD customers and friends?  
I want to say a very big THANK YOU! for giving me the opportunity to share my art with you all.  My hope is that is encourages faith, hope and love in your life—and that you feel joy and peace in every painting.





The timeless themes of pretty, delicate cups and teapots; of lacy cloths and doily trims; and the realistic floral and fruit details you paint – they bring rest and beauty to any room.


For many of our customers around the globe, this is the appeal: the gentle, quiet spirit that you have captured. We thank you for that and look forward to further expanding our showcase of your work.


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