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Hosting LifeTogether

Hosting Lifetogether Group Leaders Kit DVD Set and Guidebook

This 6-session DVD and companion study guide will provide the initial or in-service small group leader/host training based on the 5 purposes. This series isperfect for new hosts training either in a classroom, coaching huddle or self-pacedonline study. The package includes six video teaching sessions on DVD based onthe five purposes, personal testimonies, and inspirational stories for your leaders tostudy on a daily basis.

Coaching LifeTogether

Coaching Lifetogether Church Kit
Coaching Lifetogether Church Kit Brett Eastman Lifetogether $67.99 Add To Cart

The Coaching Lifetogether Training Series is the first DVD training series of its kind designed for experienced leaders and emerging small group coaches and community leaders in your church. This series will help recruit, train, and develop your leaders of leaders! This series shares proven strategies and transforming principles straight from the front lines of ministry.

Building LifeTogether

Building Lifetogether In Your Church Ministry DVD/CD Set

The Building Lifetogether Training Series is designed for a senior pastor, church leader, or volunteer small group champion helping to launch and lead a healthy small group ministry in your church. This 6-lesson series provides practical how to’s for starting and sustaining your small groups. Whether you are trying to sustain the new groups you have recently begun or trying to multiply your existing small groups, Building Lifetogether will become your personal coach on how to get there.

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Doing Life Together

Beginning Life Together, DVD

Embark on a 6-week journey that'll give you a taste of the purposeful life God created you for---with wisdom from teachers Steve Farrar, Anne Ortlund, Chip Ingram, Bruce Wilkinson, Doug Fields, and Steve Arterburn! Each DVD session includes a "leader lifter," creative element, dynamic teaching, and worship music. Approx. 4 hours. Closed-captioned.

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Experiencing Christ

Surrendering to Christ Together: Worship, A LifeTogether Resource

The ultimate paradox of the Christian life is that victory comes through surrender. Most of us aspire to a life of abandonment to God and his purposes, but we find the daily grind and our old habits get in the way. Jesus knew he set the bar high, but he didn't leave us without guidance. In these six sessions, you'll learn from his teaching and example the character qualities essential to a "life less ordinary," a life of worshipful surrender.

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