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1384 Wycliffe Bible manuscript completed—the first English translation of the Bible, handwritten
1440 Johannes Gutenberg develops movable type for the printing press
1522 Martin Luther publishes his German translation of the New Testament
1526 William Tyndale's New Testament—the first New Testament printed in English
1535 Myles Coverdale publishes the first complete English Bible in print—the so-called Coverdale Bible
1537 Matthews Bible—the second complete Bible printed in English; by John "Thomas Matthew" Rogers
1539 The "Great Bible" printed—the first English Bible authorized for public use
1560 Geneva Bible printed—the first English Bible to add numbered verses to each chapter
1568 The Bishops Bible printed—the Bible of which the King James was a revision
1601 Proposal for a new translation of the Bible first discussed
1603 James VI of Scotland becomes James I, King of England
1609 Douay-Rheims printed—the first complete English Catholic Bible; translated from the Latin Vulgate
1611 The King James Bible is published
1620 The Pilgrims set sail to America, taking the Geneva Bible with them
1769 Oxford text of the King James Bible published, standardizing various spellings, etc from earlier printings
1873 Cambridge Paragraph Bible published
1982 The New King James Version (NKJV) is published as a "modern English version maintaining the original style of the King James
2011 King James Bible turns 400!


KJV 400th Anniversary

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  Also Known As: The Authorized Version
  Reading Level: Grade 12
  First Published: 1611

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