The Princess and the KissThe Princess and the Kiss
Jennie Bishop
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A loving king and queen present their daughter with a gift from God--her first kiss--to keep or to give away. The wise girl waits for the man who is worthy of her precious gift. Where is he and how will she ever find him? The surprising answer in this marvelous parable will touch the heart of parent and child alike.

The Princess and the Kiss beautifully portrays the ageless message that "love ... comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith" (1 Timothy 1:5 NIV). Recommended for all ages, especially ages 6 and up.

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The Princess and the Kiss * * * * *
By Jennie Bishop

A remarkable tale about purity that may become a classic. It is simply told of a princess given a gift to preserve: her first kiss. As she grows up, suitors approach her seeking her hand. There is Prince Peacock, Prince Romance, Prince Treasurechest, and others. But not one of them is the prince worthy of her first kiss. Then a lowly young farmer comes to the palace seeking work… And the rest you will have to read for yourself. -william