The Best is Yet to Come: Bible Prophecies Throughout the AgesThe Best is Yet to Come: Bible Prophecies Throughout the Ages
Tony Evans
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What is prophecy and why is it so important to us? How does a knowledge of what will happen in the future affect our lives now? Questions like these have been asked by Christians for centuries. Tony Evans, in The Best Is Yet to Come, tries to answer these and many other questions. He wrote this book "to communicate the prophetic program of God from eternity past to eternity future in a logical and progressive way." His desire is "to cause all believers to fall more deeply in love with the God who holds eternity in His hands."

He sets about doing this by looking at the history of fulfilled prophecy, focusing on its importance, the key to prophecy, prophecy and human history, prophecy and the covenants, prophecy and the Gentiles, and prophecy and Israel. Once he has established the validity and historicity of prophecy, Evans looks to prophecies about the future, and why we can trust them to come about. He looks at end-time prophecy, specifically those prophecies about the church, the rapture, and the judgment seat of Christ. He also looks at prophecies about the return of Christ, and the related prophecies about the antichrist, the tribulation, Armageddon, the millennium, and the great white throne. Along the way, he answers several questions about eternal life, including what happens when we die, what heaven is like, what hell is like, and, most importantly, how we should live today.

It is that today living that is the focus of The Best Is Yet to Come. Evans paints a picture of an eminently faithful and loving God who will bring about what He has promised. In light of this, Evans calls believers to greater faith and obedience, to living as if Christ was coming back today. For Christ is indeed the ultimate focus of prophecies, from beginning to end, and when He returns, all will truly be said and done. What we learn of Christ through prophecy, and what we learn about God's plan for history, should make us so grateful that worship simply flows out of us. As we live in confidence that Christ is coming back, Evans calls us to continue to point people to Christ, the key and fulfillment of prophecy.

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With Gratitude9
1.The Importance of Prophecy15
2.The Key to Prophecy31
3.Prophecy and Human History47
4.Prophecy and the Covenants61
5.Prophecy and the Times of the Gentiles81
6.Prophecy and Israel's Timetable97
7.Prophecy and the Church115
8.Prophecy and the Rapture131
9.Prophecy and the Judgment Seat of Christ151
10.Prophecy and the Antichrist171
11.Prophecy and the Tribulation187
12.Prophecy and the Battle of Armageddon199
13.Prophecy and Christ's Second Coming211
14.Prophecy and the Millennium225
15.Prophecy and the Great White Throne239
16.What Happens When We Die?255
17.What Is Heaven Like?265
18.What Is Hell Like?287
19.How Should We Live Today?307
Subject Index327
Scripture Index337