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Author Insider gives you an opportunity to get better acquainted with some of your favorite female authors. It is a section of where women authors discuss a topic related to their book or speak about what’s dear to their hearts. I hope you enjoy this article about adoption from Sherrie Eldridge, author of Questions Adoptees Are Asking- Bonnie, Women's Editor


Sherrie Eldridge
Speaker and author, Sherrie Eldridge is passionate about helping those touched by adoption by providing a Biblical perspective. An adoptee herself, she is the author of the highly-acclaimed books Questions Adoptees Are Asking and Twenty Things Adoptive Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew.


What Questions Does Your Adopted Child Keep Secret? by Sherrie Eldridge


Pouring your best into your child is the goal of every parent. With adopted children, however, it may be more challenging. As an adopted person, I know there can be blockages within our hearts that keep us from readily receiving the love our parents long to give.


There are several reasons for our inability to have reciprocal relationships, to freely give and receive love. We have many questions buried deep within our subconscious hearts that distance parents:


  • Why do I think about my birth parents, especially on my birthday?
  • Why does it sometimes feel like something’s not right inside?
  • Why do I get so angry with my Mom?
  • Why am I so afraid of rejection?
  • Will God stand by me if my birth mother rejects me at reunion?

When I interviewed nearly 70 adoptees, ranging in age from seven to 70, for Questions Adoptees Are Asking (NavPress, 2009) they transparently shared their journeys of faith, from the womb to the tomb. During the interview process, I shared their answers amongst participants in an anonymous way. The overwhelming majority said, “We never knew that other adoptees feel the same way that I do! I don’t feel alone or weird anymore.”


Parents need to know those secret questions their adopted children keep close to their hearts. Only then will their hearts be open to receive the best from you and the Lord!


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