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Author Insider gives you an opportunity to get better acquainted with some of your favorite authors. It is a section of where female authors discuss a topic related to their book or speak about what’s dear to their hearts. I hope you enjoy these special reflections from our women authors.  - Bonnie, Women's Editor

Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer Power Thoughts: 12 Strategies to Win the Battle of the Mind
 Author Insider: How to Think Right So You Won’t Live Wrong
Kim Goad

Kim Goad One Girl Can Change the World, by Kim Goad & Claudia Mitchell
 Author Insider: A Luxury We Can't Afford
Brenda Garrison

Brenda Garrison Queen Mom
 Author Insider: I Won't Let Go of You Ever
Julie Ferwerda

Julie Ferwerda One Million Arrows: Raising Your Children to Change the World
 Author Insider: Can your children change the world?
Mary Beth Lagerborg

Mary Beth Lagerborg Once-A-Month Cooking
 Author Insider: Gathering in the Kitchen
Susan DiMickele

Susan DiMickele Chasing Superwoman: A Working Mom's Adventures in Life and Faith
 Author Insider: Who Needs Superwoman?
Ginger Garrett

Ginger Garrett Chosen: Lost Loves of the Bible Series #1
 Author Insider: The Beauty of Esther
Melody Carlson

Melody Carlson As Young As We Feel, Four Lindas Series #1
 Author Insider: Growing Old Graciously
Priscilla Shirer

Priscilla Shirer One in a Million
 Author Insider: A Note from Priscilla
Susie Davis

Susie Davis Uncovered: Revealing the Secrets of a Sexy Marriage
 Author Insider: Relationship Lessons
Maureen Pratt

Maureen Pratt Peace in the Storm
 Author Insider: Peace in the Storm
Lucinda Secrest McDowell

Lucinda Secrest McDowell Role of a Lifetime
 Author Insider: Your Role in God's Kingdom
Sherrie Eldridge

Sherrie Eldridge Questions Adoptees Are Asking
 Author Insider: What Questions Does Your Adopted Child Keep Secret?
Renee Johnson

Renee Johnson Faithbook of Jesus
 Author Insider: 20-Something Singles
Marian Jordan

Marian Jordan The List: Figuring Out Prince Charming, the Corner Office, and Happily Ever After
 Author Insider: A Letter from Marian Jordan
Cindi Wood

Cindi Wood The Frazzled Female: 30 Days to Finding God's Peace in Your Daily Chaos
 Author Insider: A Letter from Cindi Wood
Terri Stovall

Terri Stovall Women Leading Women: The Biblical Model for the Church
 Author Insider: A Note from Terri Stovall



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