The Ten CommandmentsThe Ten Commandments
Thomas Watson
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In this book Thomas Watson continues his exposition of the Shorter Catechism drawn up by the Westminster Assembly. Watson was one of the most popular preachers in London during hte Puritan era. His writings are characterized by clarity, raciness and spiritual richness. The series of three volumes, of which this is the second, makes an ideal introduction to Puritan literature.
There are few matters about which the Puritans differ more from present-day Christians than in thier assessment of the importance of the ten commandments. The commandments, they held, are the first thing in Christianity which the natural man needs to be tuahgt and they should be the daily concern of the Christian to the last. In this book, Watson examines the moral law as a whole as well as bringing out the meaning and force of each particular commandment. In view of the important function of the law in Christian life and evangelism this is a most valuable volume.

Romans 13: Life in Two KingdomsRomans 13: Life in Two Kingdoms
D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
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Christians have been brought, by faith in Christ, into the kingdom of God, but they are still citizens of an earthly kingdom. How does life in one kingdom connect with life in the other? Does obedience to God somehow exempt Christians from obedience to earthly rulers? And what of the vexed question of the relationship of church and state?

Insisting that these questions have been of more than theoretical interest throughout church history, Dr. Lloyd-Jones examines the function of government, the Christian's attitude to war and revolution, the lordship of Christ over church and state, the Christian's relationship to the law of God, the meaning of loving one's neighbor, and many related topics.

The Ten CommandmentsThe Ten Commandments
J. Douma
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This is one of those rare books you can open up anywhere and find a pearl of wisdom. This practical guide to the Ten Commandments shows you how to relate the Commandments to every significant issue---the visual arts, revolution, abortion, suicide, artificial insemination, social injustice, and more. Clear, down to earth, and based on solid scholarship, this volume will enrich and challenge your understanding of Christian living. 432 pages, hardcover from Presbyterian & Reformed.

The True Bounds of Christian FreedomThe True Bounds of Christian Freedom
Samuel Bolton
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The True Bonds of Christian Freedom sets forth the place of the law in the Christian life. Samuel Bolton (1606-1654), successively minister of three London parishes before becoming Master of Christ's College, expounds the nature of Christian liberty and then clearly sets the bounds of that liberty in answer to the following six questions:
  • Does our being made free by Christ free us from the law?
  • Does our being made free by Christ deliver us from all punishments or chastisements for sin?
  • Is it consistent with Christian freedom to be under obligation to perform duties because God has commanded them?
  • May Christ's freemen come into bondage again through sin?
  • Is it consistent with Christian freedom to perform duties out of respect for the recompense of the reward?
  • Does the freedom of a Christian free him from all obedience to men?
  • The True Bounds of Christian Freedom is a clear, scriptural exposition and one of the few works currently available which shows the danger of Antinomianism, while also avoiding legalism.



    The Ten CommandmentsThe Ten Commandments
    William Barclay
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    William Barclay saw the Ten Commandments as the universal foundation of all things: the basic laws on human conduct in society and the cornerstone of community existence. Drawing on his vast knowledge of both Old and New Testaments, Professor Barclay examines the ways in which the Ten Commandments demand reverence for God and respect for humankind. This book shows you how the Ten Commandments, perhaps considered negative and outdated, can and do remain relevant today and still apply to our daily lives. This book is part of the William Barclay Library.


    Hell's Best Kept SecretHell's Best Kept Secret
    Ray Comfort
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    Why are so many unbelievers turning away from the message of the gospel? Doesn't the Bible tell us how to bring sinners to true repentance? If so, where have we missed it? The answer may surprise you. One hundred years ago, Satan buried the crucial key needed to unlock the believer's heart. Now Ray Comfort boldly breaks away from modern tradition and calls for a return to biblical evangelism. If you're experiencing evangelical frustration over lost souls, unrepentent sinners and backslidden "believers," then look no further. This radical approach could be the missing dimension needed to win our generation to Christ. Contents include: Preface; The Love, Joy, Peace Gospel; Hell's Best Kept Secret; The Jesus Technique; Pushing for Commitment; The Forgotten Key; No Anointing No Results; Fired Up; The Way of the Salesman; When and Where to Witness; Let's Buy the World Lunch; Why the Law Works; Ten Steps to Conviction; Time to Talk About Jesus; Who are the Backsliders; Success Comes in Cans; You've Got What it Takes; Appendix: Questions and Answers; suggested reading; about the author

    Hells Best Kept Secret with Questions & AnswersHells Best Kept Secret with Questions & Answers
    Ray Comfort
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    Discover the crucial key needed to unlock the unbeliever's heart. If you are experiencing evangelical frustration over lost souls, unrepentant sinners, and backslidden "believers," then look no further. This radical approach could be the missing dimension needed to win our generation to Christ. Paperback, 285 pages. Whitaker House. How many souls have you wont to Christ? How many are still walking with the Lord? All? Some? A Few? The facts are: Evangelical success is at an all time low. We're producing more backsliders than true converts. The fall away rate - from large crusades to local churches is between 80 to 90 percent. Why are so many unbelievers turning away from the message of the Gospel? Doesn't the Bible tell us how to bring sinners to true repentance? If so, where have we missed it? The answer may surprise you. Contents: Preface 1. The Love, Joy, Peace Gospel 2. Hell's Best Kept Secret 3. The Jesus Technique 4. Pushing for Commitment 5. The Forgotten Key 6. No Anointing - No Results 7. Fired Up 8. The Way of the Salesman 9. When and Where to Witness 10. Let's Buy the World Lunch 11. Why the Law Works 12. Ten Steps to Conviction 13. Time To Talk about Jesus 14. Who are the Backsliders 15. Success Comes in "Cans" 16. You've Got What it Takes Appendix - Questions and Answers Study Guide Answer Key About the Author Suggested Readings

    Written on the Heart: The Case for Natural  LawWritten on the Heart: The Case for Natural Law
    J. Budziszewski
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    Both a primer on natural law, and a vigorous academic defense of it, Written on the Heart is an informative and insightful look into the moral and ethical foundations of human culture. From the Christian standpoint, there are obvious limitations on natural law, including the fact that "it tells us what sin is, [but] it tells us nothing of how to escape it." Budziszewski does a masterful job of noting the limitations and capabilities of natural law, as he examines several of the major players involved in its formation and history.

    He has chosen to look at Aristotle (considered the forebear of much natural law thought and thinking), Thomas Aquinas (the best Christian expositor of natural law), John Locke (the influential writer who was a guiding force behind the American experiement in democracy and government), and John Stuart Mill (one of the best modern opponents of natural law). His introductions to the thoughts of these four men gives us a broad look at the history and development of natural law.

    After looking at the history and development of natural law, Budziszewski then offers a Christian appraisal of natural law, and a look at the contemporary natural law arena, focusing on Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and secular views of natural law. He focuses on the political implications of natural law, arguing that the existence of the natural law is known and that its content is knowable to all people. Natural law has been repressed, however, and Budziszewski eloquently argues that natural law concepts deserve much greater respect than they have often been given.

    This is a great introduction to a vast and important topic. The author offers a profound analysis of great natural law thinkers and opponents, and offers suggestions for further reading. He is well-versed, and his defense of natural law deserves academic respect. This is a truly valuable book on a truly valuable topic.

    Exploring the Bible: Deuteronomy: An Expositional CommentaryExploring the Bible: Deuteronomy: An Expositional Commentary
    Paul E. Brown
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    Deuteronomy can seem rather formidable at first sight, but it is actually one of the most important books in the Old Testament. It consists almost entirely of words spoken by Moses to the people of Israel as they camp in the plains of Moab next to the river Jordan with the promised land awaiting them on the opposite bank. These are God's people, whom he has taken into covenant with himself. Moses urges them to go forward by faith into the land that God has set before them. He tells them God's laws and commandments for their new life in the land, weaving his instructions around the principles enshrined in the Ten Commandments.

    In this commentary, Paul Brown demonstrates the sometimes surprising relevance of the regulations of Deuteronomy for the churches and the lives of Christian people today. But such relevance is only to be expected, for God is always the same and all his Word, rightly understood, is profitable to lead us to his grace and to guide us in our living.

    Paul E. Brown lives near Lancaster, England. He retired after forty-two years in pastoral ministry: first in Southampton (as an assistant pastor), and then in Stoke-on-Trent and Dunstable. For many years he contributed to and edited Go Teach and Grace Magazine. He has authored several books, most recently editing Homosexuality: Christian Truth and Love for Day One. He studied at the colleges now named the London School of Theology and Wales Evangelical School of Theology. He is married to Mary, and they have three children and seven grandchildren.

    How Jesus Transforms the Ten CommandmentsHow Jesus Transforms the Ten Commandments
    Edmund Clowney
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    In How Jesus Transforms the Ten Commandments, Edmund P. Clowney points to the continuity of the Old and New Testaments by showing how Jesus did not come to take away the law but to define and fulfill it. Clowney takes each commandment in a separate chapter and shows how in Jesus' life, ministry, and sermons he expounded on what it means to be the people of a covenant-making God. Each chapter ends with study questions, making it ideal for group or personal study.

    Edmund Clowney was an influential pastor, theologian, and educator, serving many churches and seminaries. The author of acclaimed works such as The Unfolding Mystery: Discovering Christ in the Old Testament. Dr. Clowney completed this book shortly before his death in 2005.

    The Ten Commandments & Modern SocietyThe Ten Commandments & Modern Society
    Stephen McDowell

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    Jesus Reiterated what all the Bible teaches: that God's Law/Word, which is summarized by the Ten Commandments, contains principles that, if obeyed, produce life-life for men and nations- but, if ignored, produce death. Americas laws were based upon God's higher law. This higher law, as summarized in the Ten Commandments, used to be taught to all Americans, was greatly revered, and all looked to obey it. Today, few obey, revere or even know His commands. Many people are doing all they can to remove any vistige of His law from our nation, claiming they are a great detriment to society. In 1980 the Supreme Court ruled in Stone v. Graham that the public schools of Kentucky could not display the Ten Commandments on the walls. The court said: "If the posted copies of the Ten Commandments are to have any effect at all, it will be to induce the schoolchildren to read, meditate upon, perhaps to venerate and obey, the Commandments." About 1.7 million Americans are behind bars today- 1 in every 155. To learn to not steal or murder might not be too abd an idea to help deal with this problem. Marriages ending in divorce have increased exponentially in the last three decades- to learn not to commit adultery seems a pretty good idea. But in order to apply the principles of life contained in the Commandments, we must first know them. If Christians do not thoroughly understand them, they will never be infused in the law and life of our nation.

    Glorious Freedom: The Exellency of the Gospel Above the LawGlorious Freedom: The Exellency of the Gospel Above the Law
    Richard Sibbes
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    A renowned Puritan shows the transforming liberty which comes from seeing Christ in the gospel. This is an exposition of 2 Corinthians 3:17-18.

    The original title of this study was The Excellency of the Gospel above the Law. In it Sibbes described the fuller self-revelation of God in the coming of Christ and its greater effect in those who behold that glory by the Spirit. The vitality of the new covenant results in spiritual liberty and likeness to Christ.

    Thomas Goodwin and Philip Nye supervised the first edition of this work which was first published in 1639, four years after Sibbes' death. They described it as showing 'the liberty of the sons of God... the image of their graces here and glory hereafter' and as providing 'much comfort and great encouragement to all (who) begin timely and continue constantly in the ways of God.'

    The text of the original treatise is reproduced here with the minimum of editing.


    Love Rules: The Ten Commandments for the 21st CenturyLove Rules: The Ten Commandments for the 21st Century
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    When Jesus began his ministry the first sermon he preached issued the following command: 'Repent and believe in the gospel' (Mark 1:15). But of what were people to repent? Is there a clear moral standard in the Bible that reveals the holiness of God, the sinfulness of man, and the purity of new life in Christ? Yes, there is.The place of the moral law in relation to the gospel has become one of the most controversial issues for the evangelical church today. The end result is that less than 1% of church members can list the Ten Commandments.
    It is sadly true that some preach the law without the gospel. Some preach neither the law nor the gospel. However, no matter how hard many try, you cannot genuinely preach the gospel without the law.It is hoped that this small volume may be used of God in awakening zeal for his glory, encouraging faithful preaching, promoting wise living, and initiating true revival.

    Handling the Word of Truth: Law and Gospel in the  Church TodayHandling the Word of Truth: Law and Gospel in the Church Today
    John T. Pless
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    This book draws on C.F.W. Walther's Law and Gospel theses to present and apply these foundational truths to contemporary Christian faith and living.

    In 13 chapters, the author explores the rich insights in Walther's classic text, blending key excerpts with his own reflection and exposition. The author opens his pastoral heart and shares his experiences and understanding of God's Word to help Christians appreciate - and live in - the rhythm of repentance and faith, of genuine sorrow over sin and heartfelt trust in Christ.

    This book is a dialogue with Walther's text and a fresh exposition of Law and Gospel for modern Christians. The author helps believers to read, understand, and apply God's Word to life's many circumstances through reflection and discussion.

    This book incorporates questions for personal reflection or group discussion. It uses Walther's The Proper Distinction between Law and Gospel as the foundation for the discussion.


    Life of Faith: What Has God Done for You?Life of Faith: What Has God Done for You?
    A.W. Pink
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    If your spiritual life seems to be going nowhere--A.W. Pink can help. This is no superficial "10 steps guide" that skims above the surface of thought and satisfaction. This is a popular look at deep subjects that will promote real change in your life. In it you will find answers on the foundational subjects of atonement, salvation, the Law and spiritual growth as well as help in the practical areas of temptation, testing and backsliding.

    What Did Jesus Do? A Call to Return to the Biblical GospelWhat Did Jesus Do? A Call to Return to the Biblical Gospel
    Ray Comfort
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    What Did Jesus Do? examines the biblical use of God's Moral Law (the Ten Commandments) in witnessing, showing that not only did Jesus use the Law evangelistically, so did Peter, Paul, James, Jude, John the Baptist, and Stephen. So did Spurgeon, Wesley, Whitefield, and many others through the ages. Each of these men of God did what Jesus did: they used the Law to reach the lost. In a day in which many crucial truths are neglected, Ray Comfort calls the Church back to the way of the Master Evangelist, to consider "What did Jesus do?" and then to go and do likewise.

    How to Bring Your Children to Christ . . . & Keep Them There: Avoiding the Tragedy of False ConversionHow to Bring Your Children to Christ . . . & Keep Them There: Avoiding the Tragedy of False Conversion
    Ray Comfort
    Retail Price: $12.99
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    "Eighty-eight percent of children raised in evangelical homes leave church at the age of eighteen never to return." Nothing is more important than where your kids will spend eternity. As a parent, you don't want to suffer the heartache of your children rebelling against their Christian upbringing. While only God can save us and keep us, there are biblical principles you can implement to help prevent your children from falling away from faith. By countering the unscriptural belief that a child can be saved merely by "asking Jesus into his heart", seasoned evangelist Ray Comfort shares time-tested principles to help you guide your children to experience genuine salvation and avoid the pitfall of rebellion. Filled with creative ideas for family devotions, tips for safeguarding kids from harmful influences, and great suggestions for helping kids learn God's holy standard, the Ten Commandments.

    Today's GospelToday's Gospel
    Walter J. Chantry
    Retail Price: $7.00
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    Differences between much of today's preaching and that of Jesus are not petty; they are enormous. The chief errors are not in emphasis or approach but in the heart of the Gospel message. Were there a deficiency in one of the areas mentioned in these pages, it would be serious. But to ignore all - the attributes of God, the holy law of God, repentance, a call to bow to the enthroned Christ - and to pervert the doctrine of assurance, is the most vital mistake.


    Whatever Happened to the Ten Commandments?Whatever Happened to the Ten Commandments?
    Ernest C. Reisinger
    Retail Price: $7.00
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    Whatever happened to the Ten Commandments? Drawing extensively on the neglected Larger Catechism of the Westminster Assembly, this book examines the scope of each of the commandments in turn and helps us towards a right understanding of God's perfect requirements for our lives.. One of the great strengths of this book, as of the Catechism, is the sheer quantity of Scripture quoted to show the duties required and the sins forbidden by each of the commandments.

    The Ten Commandments for TodayThe Ten Commandments for Today
    Brian H. Edwards
    Retail Price: $18.00
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    Brian Edwards gives us a modern commentary, carefully uncovering their true meaning, and incisively applying them to our contemporary society. Probably never in the history of western civilization have the Ten Commandments been more neglected and therefore more relevant than today.

    The Shadow of Christ in the Law of MosesThe Shadow of Christ in the Law of Moses
    Vern S. Poythress
    Retail Price: $22.99
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    The first five books of the Old Testament were written centuries before the birth of Jesus. Yet they intricately involve Him. Here Vern Poythress explores Genesis through Deuteronomy, demonstrating how the sacrifices and traditions of the Hebrews graphically foreshadow Christ's relationship with His people. Dr. Poytthress also explains how the penalties of the law prefigure the destruction of sin and guilt through Jesus.

    His Loving Law, Our Lasting LegacyHis Loving Law, Our Lasting Legacy
    Jani Ortlund
    Retail Price: $11.99
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    With clear teaching and practical tips, author Jani Ortlund presents the Ten Commandments as a gateway to better understanding God. In His Loving Law Our Lasting Legacy, Jani Ortlund invites readers to look at the 10 Commandments as a mirror into our souls and our need for cleansing and forgiveness. Leave a legacy to your children by teaching them to love and obey God. Each chapter addresses one of the commandments and concludes with study questions and creative ways to pass on the command to your child. Paperback.
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