David C. Cook Sunday School Curriculum

"When the Bible is in your life, God's Word transforms your heart and mind." David C Cook is dedicated to the gospel of Jesus Christ and the spiritual growth of Christians by providing quality curriculum and supplemental resources based on God's Word.



David C Cook's most widely used curriculum is a theologically sound and balanced curriculum for toddlers to adults. It focuses on four basic goals: connect, teach, apply, and motivate. Weekly lessons guide Sunday school participants of all ages on a spiritual formation path the way Jesus led His students. No matter where students are in their walk with Jesus, Bible-in-Life communicates the gospel with life-changing clarity and motivates them toward life application.

Bible-in-Life lessons for children and youth are easy to prepare and engaging lessons filled with Bible stories, pictures, Bible-based themes, activities, and memory verses designed for multiple learning styles. Curriculum themes are united from Elementary through High School grades. Adults follow the Uniform Lesson Series (International Sunday School Lectionary's (ISSL) 6 year cycle covering all major Bible themes.).  Uses NIV for Toddler through High School. Adult curriculum contains parallel KJV and NIV.

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Rio, a downloadable curriculum for Grades 1 - 6, is a dynamic way to engage kids and their parents in your ministry, using both printed materials and online resources. In the popular classroom model, Rio strives to engage relationships at all levels—leader to child, child to child, child to parent, parent to leader—all within the context of a relationship with God. The two-year Scope and Sequence keeps the focus on God and His grand story and character instead of focusing on the individual Bible stories or characters. Rio incorporates spiritual disciplines and enables kids to access the Bible on their own, helping them learn how to study and relate to God’s Word beyond the classroom. Rio stays current through the Rio Essentials online resources that enhance the Rio experience. 

RIO is Relational.          RIO is Intentional.          RIO is Overflow.

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Scripture Press is rooted in the infallible Word of God which is revered as God's living and active Word. Lessons are crafted to help each student know what God is saying to him or her personally, and gladly respond to Him as Savior and Lord. The teacher is ministered to first, who then guides students in the three-step process of Focus, Discover, and Respond. This approach prepares them to apply the truth of Scripture directly to real-life situations today. Age-appropriate home ties at every level are included: letters to parents; reminder crafts and work sheets; daily devotions.
Other features:
  • Focuses entirely on the Scriptures
  • Bible truths taught as foundations for all character building and life choices
  • Intentionally evangelistic (invites students to trust Christ as Savior)
  • Salvational emphasis uses biblical concepts of sin, atonement, grace, and faith
  • Encourages teachers and students to rely on and respond to Holy Spirit
  • Dual translation (NIV/KJV) 2s & 3s through high school; Adults choose KJV or NIV studies

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Echoes has continually served the African American church by reminding us of all that we have inherited, both through Christ and our culture. Echoes curriculum resources are rich in African-American imagery and history, and are alive with family situations and story lines. Like Bible-in-Life, a shared theme approach teaches every age group the same biblical principles at the same time and at their level. This means all family members are traveling together on a similar road of spiritual growth through the stories and truth of the Bible.

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