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Becky Tirabassi is a full-time motiavtional speaker and an ACE certified aerobics instructor. She has produced an award-winning step aerobic video, Step Into Fitness. Her six books include Wild Things Happen When I Pray and Let Prayer Change Your Life (Courtesy of Zondervan).

Let God Talk to You: When You Hear Him, You Will Never Be the SameLet God Talk to You: When You Hear Him, You Will Never Be the Same
Becky Tirabassi
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Do you long for a closer connection to God? Becky Tirabassi believes that you can hear from Him. In Let God Talk to You, she shows you how to develop a conversational relationship with God. There's no special prayer you have to pray or special requirements, but when you focus your heart and spend time with God every day, you'll begin to hear His gentle voice.

Keep the ChangeKeep the Change
Becky Tirabassi
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We all have areas of our lives in which we'd like to see improvement, and in fact we often resolve to do things differently. But how often are we able to bring about permanent change? The secret to lifelong transformation - rather than another failed New Year's resolution - involves more than just recognizing some important self-truths. Tirabassi's advice is clear and direct - and doable, offered by someone who herself has "hit rock bottom" and found hope along the way. She addresses challenges we all face - from overcoming addictions, to struggles with weight, controllinganger, procrastination, and disorganized lifestyles - as well as fulfilling an impossible dream. So grab a pen - yes, there are some writing assignments - and get ready to make some new commitments and lifestyle adjustments in your journey to Keep the Change.


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