Discussion Questions

Chapter 1: Thursday
    1. What are some of your "what the heck?" moments?
    2. Do you think your knowledge of Christ is active and alive or stale and sentimental?
    3. What are you looking for God to do in your heart as you read this book?

Chapter 2: Rumors
    1. Have you ever made a decision based on hearsay or a trend? What are some examples?
    2. Have you preferred others to speak to God for you or tell you what God is like?
    3. Do you expect that God’s presence on the scene will solve everything?

Chapter 3: Genie
    1. Has God ever surprised you by not acting the way you expected?
    2. Have you ever thought that God "owes" you something because of your obedience?
    3. What do you do when God doesn’t seem to follow the plan? How do you wrestle with Him?

Chapter 4: Gone
    1. Can you imagine life without God?
    2. What greater blessings have you traded for lesser blessings?
    3. How has disappointment been an agent of the cross in your life?
Chapter 5: Many
    1. Have you tried to add God to a crowded house of idols? Are you trying to serve God and success?
    2. Do you think your heart is divided in its pursuits and desires?
    3. What old goals or loyalties in your life need to die?
Chapter 6: Subversive
    1. Have you ever treated something that isn’t God as if it were?
    2. How have you made God in your image?
    3. Is it possible that God has different goals for your life than you do? How so?
Chapter 7: Audacity
    1. Why is it so difficult to believe that our goodness will never be good enough?
    2. How does the realization that it doesn’t depend on your good effort bring relief?
    3. In what ways do you identify with the Pharisees or Pelagius?
Chapter 8: Holy
    1. How does understanding God’s holiness, justice, and wrath help you understand or appreciate His grace?
    2. In what ways have you tried to “repay God” for His salvation and forgiveness?
    3. How does your view of grace—as forgiveness and the desire and power to do God's will—change your view of transformation? How is grace working in you?
Chapter 9: Carts
    1. What or who are some "carts" in your life?
    2. How do you think the monastic impulse is seen among Christians today?
    3. What place should pastors, leaders, resources, and study tools hold in our lives?
Chapter 10: Contact
    1. "Having control is not as good as being loved." How have you held on to control and missed out on being fully loved by God?
    2. Have you experienced taking a "long, bloody walk with God"? Describe it.
    3. How does your love for God lead you to live in more "contact" with Him?
Chapter 11: Invitation
    1. How is it helpful to visualize the Trinity as a great, joyful dance that we have been invited into?
    2. If "worship is the language of love," how do we worship God as a response to His invitation?
Chapter 12: Joy
    1. A journey requires a good map. How has your "map"—your view of God—been challenged or cleaned up by reading this book?
    2. In what ways will you live out this journey by God's grace?