Simple Secrets Discussion Questions: by Nancy Mehl

1. While working and living in Wichita, Gracie Temple believed her life was everything she's always wanted. Yet she struggles with a magging sense of unrest. What caused this feeling?


2. Gracie’s friends kept teasing her about cutting her hair, calling her hairstyle “old-fashioned.” Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever felt pressured to change something about yourself that you like?


3. Gracie arrived in Harmony with many preconceived ideas about the people who lived there. Why? Was she wrong, right, or a little of both?


4. Did you like Harmony, Kansas? Would you want to live there? Why or why not?


5. Several people in Harmony had long held secrets. What happens when we bury hurts down deep inside? Do you have anything you’ve never told anyone? After reading how keeping a secret affected Emily’s life, have you changed your mind about staying silent?


6. How do you feel about the way some of the Old Order and Conservative Mennonites live? Do you understand their desire for a “simpler life”? Or do you think it’s unrealistic 7. Do you believe two different churches could really live in harmony in a small town? Why or why not?


8. How did Gracie change from the beginning of the book until the end? Would you have made the same choice she did about whether to stay in Harmony or go back to Wichita?


9. When did you figure out who killed Jacob Glick? Were you surprised?


10. What do you believe motivated Amil Angstead? Do you think he was an evil man? Or was he just a man who thought he was right? 


11. Do you know anyone like Sweetie or Levi who quit going to church because they’d been hurt? As Christians, what can we do to help people like them?


12. What is the main theme of this book? Finding out that God’s will for your life may be different than what you thought it was? Not judging people negatively who may look or live differently than we do? That “secrets buried alive never die”?





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