Sarah's Choice, Brides of Lehigh Canal Series #3Sarah's Choice, Brides of Lehigh Canal Series #3
Wanda E. Brunstetter
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Widowed Sarah Turner has her hands full, raising three young children, tending the lock on the canal, baking bread, and washing clothes for boatmen. Although she's not looking for love, she's vowed not to lose her heart to a boatman. Yet she didn't count on meeting Captain Elias Brooks. Will she follow her heart where it leads or accept the proposal of a handsome land-loving blacksmith?


 Sarah's Choice Discussion Questions: Wanda Brunstetter


1. Being a single mother was hard for Sarah, especially since she had to keep her home running and tend the lock, too. What are some things we might do to help a single mother? If you’re a single mother what are some things others have done to help you?



2. Sarah’s children often competed for her attention. What happens when children don’t get the attention they need? What are some things we can do to give our children and grandchildren the time and attention they deserve?



3. When Elias learned that his grandfather had passed away and left the canal boat to him, he decided to leave his job at his father’s newspaper office and become a boatman. This caused a rift between Elias and his father. Is there ever a time when it’s okay to go against our parent’s wishes?



4. Elias felt insecure and self-conscious about his birthmark. He thought people judged him by his appearance. Why do you think some people judge others by their appearance and not by who they really are?



5. God sees what we’re like on the inside, yet so often we focus on our own or other people’s outward appearance. What are some ways we can work on our self-esteem without becoming conceited or vain?



6. In Sarah’s Choice, a misunderstanding between Sarah and Elias took place. What are some ways we can avoid misunderstandings with those we love?



7. Sarah felt trapped by having to work on the canal.  Have you ever felt trapped when you were some place you didn’t want to be?  Sometimes God allows us to be in certain situations to help us grow emotionally or spiritually.  Sometimes the very place we don’t want to be is where He wants us.  How can we distinguish between our wants and needs?  How can we know God’s will as far as where we should live and the job we should do?



8. Sarah, like many other people, had trouble accepting help from others.  What are some ways we can show someone who needs our help that it’s okay to let others do things for them?


9. Elias and Patrick were both good men, but to Sarah, Elias seemed more grounded. What do you think made the difference?



10. Sarah and Betsy became friends after Sarah lost her husband. How important do you think friendship is for a widow, and what can we do to make our friendships stronger?



11. What scriptures from this story spoke to your heart?  How can you put them into practice in your daily routine?



12. Was their anything specific in this story that helped you have a better understanding of how God has been working in your life?



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