Case for Love Discussion Questions: by Kaye Dacus


1. What expectations did you have when you began reading the book? Were your expectations met? What did you like best? Were you disappointed with anything in the story?





2. Alaine Delacroix and Forbes Guidry are both “beautiful people”—the kind that are usually featured in romance novels. Was there anything about them that set them apart, that made them different that the other “beautiful people” one usually reads about in novels?





3. Forbes is a self-proclaimed control freak. Why do you think he tries to control everything going on around him? What drives him to want to be involved in the lives of his siblings to such a level they feel like he’s trying to manage or dictate their lives or even their businesses?





4. Alaine feels like she gets no respect at work. How did her attitude toward the news director affect the level of respect she receives?





5. Did Alaine deserve to be considered for promotion to a news anchor position? What brought about the change in Alaine’s attitude toward her position as host of Inside Bonneterre?





6. Alaine wants to use her clout with the public, as a popular TV personality, to bring attention to the situation in Moreaux Mills, but her parents refuse to let her do anything that would bring media attention to the situation. Why do you think they did that? What do you think would have happened if Alaine had turned in the story she was putting together on Boudreaux-Guidry Enterprises?





7. In Menu for Romance, Forbes counsels Major O’Hara to obey the command to honor his mother (by not keeping her or her condition a secret from Meredith any longer). In this book, however, Forbes seems to do just the opposite by taking a legal case against his parents and their corporation. Was Forbes breaking the fifth commandment (“Honor your father and your mother” Exodus 20:12 nasb)?




8. Both Alaine and Forbes refuse to do something their employers ask of them: Alaine refuses to give any information about the lawsuit once it becomes public, and Forbes refuses to give up the Mills case. Can you think of anything you’d be willing to stand up for against an authority figure in your life? How important would something have to be for you to risk losing your job over it?




9. Throughout the course of the story, God slowly whittles away everything that Forbes thought he had control over. When Forbes receives the ultimatum from the other partners in the law firm, he is faced with the realization that not only is he barely handling things, he has definitely lost control of most things in his life. Why was it important for God to bring Forbes to this kind of a crisis point? Has there ever been a time in your life when it seemed like God was stripping everything away from you, only to find out He wanted to give you an even greater blessing?




10. Near the end, Forbes complains to Alaine about his dislike for the uncertainty of the future. Alaine responds, “But without uncertainty, there’d be no need for faith.” Do you agree with her statement? Have you ever been in a situation filled with uncertainty in which you had to rely on faith to get you through? What did you learn from that situation? What affect, if any, did it have on your relationship with God?




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