The Husband Tree Discussion Questions: by Mary Connealy


1. Belle has a really bad attitude about men, and she’s passed that on to her children. Talk about how our words, sometimes spoken thoughtlessly, affect how our children see the world.



2. Silas runs out on a trumped up shotgun wedding. He knows if he does this he has to abandon his ranch and his money, leaving the area of his home. Talk about how women used to be “protected” by societies rules and how the death of those rules has helped and hurt both women and men.



3. Belle Tanner isn’t very old, but she considers herself ancient in life experiences. Were you able to picture her as young when she had such a tough demeanor and such grown up children?



4. Silas considers helping on this cattle drive, with a baby in tow and an all woman crew, completely humiliating. And yet he feels honor bound to help because he gave his word, even more because he knows they need him. Was it realistic that a man as burned by a woman as Silas had been would stay and help?



5. Belle and Silas shared their first kiss very early in the book in a completely spontaneous, highly emotional moment. Discuss if that was believable. In your own relationships are you (or have you been) particularly powerfully drawn to the “right man”? Or is a powerful moment like that to be trusted?



6. Did the girls emerge as fully formed characters or did the blend together?



7. If you’ve read Montana Rose, discuss Wade’s transformation.



8. Many readers of Montana Rose despised Wade. Did you? Can you now accept him as a changed man, or do you still despise him? Has God ever changed a person you know this dramatically?



9. There is a lot a documentation of white children raised by Indian tribes as Glowing Sun has been. Very often those children had a terrible time readjusting to the white world. Why do you think that is?



10. Discuss how Lindsay, after a lifetime hearing her mother warn her against men, could so completely fall for a man. Didn’t she listen to her mother? Or did Belle’s actions, remarrying repeatedly, speak louder than her words? Or is love just that powerful?



11. Discuss Silas and how he handled his “surprise” for Belle. Was he wise to want to surprise her? Was he right that a poor man had a hard time marrying a rich woman?



12. Did you dislike Silas for being so mad at Belle when he should have just told her about his surprise?


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