2010 Christian Book Award Winner in Bibles Category!
2010 Christian Book Award Winner
Glo interactive Bible software brings the Bible to life—with HD video clips & documentaries, high-resolution images, historical animations, zoomable maps, 360-degree virtual tours and much more. And it's all easy to find and natural to use with Glo's unique browsing interface.

Find what you need when you need it. That's Glo.

Available in English and Spanish.

Glo Premium on DVD-ROM, Multi-device EditionGlo Premium on DVD-ROM, Multi-device Edition
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Glo is an interactive Bible that brings the full text of the Scripture to life through HD video, high-res images, zoomable maps, 360-degree virtual tours, customizable Bible reading plans, and a natural user interface for fast, easy, visual navigation on Mac and PC computers. View a video demo.

Why Glo?

Grow closer to God—Glo makes it easy to read the Bible every day. With Glo, it’s as if your Bible is with you all the time, making God’s Word your companion and your relationship with God more real. Glo can be accessed anywhere both online and on the go – even on computers that don’t have Glo installed.

Quickly find the answers you need—Glo provides a better, faster way to find what you need in the Bible through its multiple navigation lenses, including a topical lens and a “How do you feel?” tool that gives you instant inspiration for whatever your mood. Finding what you’re looking for feels natural. Getting where you want to go is faster and easier.

Each lens is integrated so when you’re reading, you can also explore without losing your place. Once you see the full picture, you start to understand instead of just reading and wondering if you’re really getting it.

Your spiritual home base—Maybe a daily devotion is something you’ve always meant to do, but just haven’t. Maybe it is, but you wish you’d get more out of it. With Glo’s Bible Reading Plans and Daily Devotions, your study time is maximized and personalized. Feeling anxious today? Use the “How do you feel?” tool to create a customized reading to meet your need today … or the week. Glo is fluid and flexible with your spiritual needs and keeps track of everything you’re reading.

Virtually limitless content—Glo has hours of audio, HD video, zoomable maps and hundreds of virtual tours so you can see places in the Bible as they look today, and with dozens of historically accurate animations, how it felt to be there then. Browse world-famous religious artwork or thousands of high-resolution photos.

Glo stays current—Glo shows how relevant world events relate back to the Bible. It’s always up-to-date, as content is being changed, updated and added all the time. Glo is a living, breathing resource that makes your reading relevant and meaningful.

Glo is:

 Also available in Spanish

Biblia Glo, DVD-ROM  (Glo, DVD-ROM)Biblia Glo, DVD-ROM (Glo, DVD-ROM)
Retail Price: $89.99
CBD Price: $80.99
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This product ships free to addresses in the US!
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Experimenta la Biblia como nunca antes. GLO es una Biblia interactiva que infunde vida al texto de las Escrituras a través de video HD, imágenes de alta resolución, mapas dinámicos, recorridos virtuales de 360 grados, planes de lectura bíblica personalizables, y un interfaz de uso natural para navegación visual rápida y fácil en tu computadora.


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Glo Premium Bible Software

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CBA 2010 Award Winner!
CBD Price: $55.49

2010 Christian Book Award Winner

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