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Easy Grammar Ultimate Series: 180 Daily Teaching Lessons, Grade 9 Student WorkbookEasy Grammar Ultimate Series: 180 Daily Teaching Lessons, Grade 9 Student Workbook
Dr. Wanda C. Phillips
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New from Easy Grammar! Daily lessons provide students with a firm grasp on the basics of grammar: capitalization, punctuation, grammar and sentence combining (with an emphasis on expository writing) are all covered. Designed as an introduction to the important concepts students will need to know, Easy Grammar not only introduces new topics, but teaches them throughout the course. Using the same building-block approach as other Easy Grammar books, students will build upon their knowledge in only 10 minute increments, leaving ample time for literature, writing, and other important high school coursework. Teach your students step-by-step or let them work independently.

Some Grade 9 topics covered include the differences between an independent clauses and dependent clauses; about fragments, sentences, and run-ons; and the structure of compound and complex sentences.

Sequential Spelling Level 1 Teacher Guide & Student Response Book, Revised EditionSequential Spelling Level 1 Teacher Guide & Student Response Book, Revised Edition
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This teacher's guide accompanies Sequential Spelling Student Workbook 1, Revised Edition. This new, revised edition features updated teacher instructions and spelling lists, an answer key, and optional coordinating student workbook complete with daily "Using your Words" activities.

Record your student's progress in their Sequential Spelling level with the Student Response Book. This consumable book contains columns labeled by day in tri-column format; students fill in one column per page each day to prevent peeking at past work. Each column contains 25 lines; each page gives a motivational quote at the bottom to keep kids inspired and learning. This book contains blank spaces only; no word lists are included.

This kit includes:

  • Sequential Spelling Teacher's Guide Grade 1, 72 pages, softcover, Revised Edition
  • Student Response Book, 64 pages, 180 columns, softcover.


Writing Strands Level 4, Grade 8Writing Strands Level 4, Grade 8
Dave Marks
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This group of assignments is designed to give students a firm grounding in the process of communicating their thoughts in written form. The writing exercises are divided into the four categories of basic, creation, organization and descriptive; this includes exercises on writing about feelings, organizing thoughts into cohesive sentences, outlines, specific writing prompts and more. Writing Strands is designed for homeschoolers who work independently, making the writing process easier for both the teacher and student as the demands for student writing increase. Pages to record student progress with what they feel is their best work are included throughout. This book is for students who have completed Writing Strands 3; normally public school 8th or 9th grade. 99 pages, softcover.

Sing, Spell, Read & Write--Preschool Home Study KitSing, Spell, Read & Write--Preschool Home Study Kit
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Sing, Spell, Read, and Write Pre-Kindergarten covers colors, shapes, visual discrimination, matching, opposites, classification, story sequence, coloring, tracing, letter recognition, letter sounds, auditory discrimination, counting 1-10, zero, seasons, and oral vocabulary development.

The teacher's manual provides step-by-step directions, enrichment activities, song lyrics, and a recommended read-aloud book list. Lessons include activity numbers to easily locate the correct activity sheet; objectives, recommended books, and lesson instructions are all included on the same page for easily found, coordinated planning.

This kit includes:

  • More than 100 activity sheets with 224 age-appropriate activities
  • A Teacher's Manual
  • Sing-along songs on CD
  • Alph-O Card Game and Alph-O Puzzles
  • 2-sided Sing-along-and-point Alphabet Placemat
  • Clock Manipulative
  • Shoe Tying Manipulative
  • ABC/Number Line Strip
  • Counting (popsicle) sticks

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