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 Archaeological Study Bible Gallery of Photos & Maps


The following is a small sampling of the 500+ color photos included within The Archaeological Study Bible. All photographs © Dr. Gary Pratico or Todd Bolen/Bible See below for acknowledgements and photographic permissions details. Click thumbnail image to view larger image. View Maps



The Kidron Valley and the Mount of Olives, as seen from the City of David1

Masada Siege Ramp1

Early Bronze Age Round Altar Area at Megiddo2

 The Shore of the Red Sea2


Stone Quarry on Mount Carmel1

Roman Theater in Alexandria1

The Acropolis of Athens1

Caves 4A and 4B at Qumran2


The Eastern Slope of The City of David1

En Gedi and the Dead Sea1

Jerusalem: "The Garden Tomb"2

Inscription at Medinet Habu in Egypt, in which the hands of slain enemy soldiers are piled up.1

Region of Edom

Sumerian Flood Story

Ur-Nammu Law Code

Shore of the modern Red Sea

Region of the Traditional Mt. Sinai

Temple of Hatshepsut

Kadesh Barnea


Walls of Jericho

Fragment from the Book of Judges at Qumran

Scroll container from Qumran

The Rebdorf Psalter, Germany, 12th century AD


1© Todd Bolen
Producer, Pictorial Library of Bible Lands
D. N. Harei Yehuda
Todd Bolen/

2© Dr. Gary Pratico
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary


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