• Proven Typing Instruction Techniques
  • Hundreds of Plans, Lessons & Tests
  • Standard or Split Keyboard & Keypad
  • New! 20+ Step-by-Step Typing Plans


  • Three Travel Themes
  • 36 Travel Destinations
  • 10 Action-Packed Games
  • Multi-Level Games
  • Wild West, Erik the Viking & Sea Adventure


  • Collect Rewards & Travel Accomplishments
  • 300+ Interesting Magazine Articles
  • Add Your Own Plans, Lessons, Tests, Articles & Music

Proven Typing Techniques Improve Speed & Accuracy
Typing Instructor Deluxe is an award-winning product unlike any other. It's packed with just the right mixture of education, entertainment, and motivation to quickly improve your typing skills.

Award-Winning Instruction Featuring 20+ Typing Plans
Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced typist, Typing Instructor Deluxe has been professionally designed to meet your learning needs. Choose from the suggested plan or 20 others. You can even develop your own personal typing plan.

Hundreds of Professionally Written Lessons & Test Improve Speed & Accuracy Quickly
Quality Lesson and Test content lets you learn quickly for faster touch-typing and improved accuracy. The use of repetitive key-stroking builds correct finger-to-key memory. Step-by-step Lessons and Tests are dynamically built from learned letters and words to build accurate typing skills.

Progress Reports Quickly Identify Your Strengths & Weaknesses
A variety of graphs and charts show your proficiency over time. View results for each finger, row, key, or hand separately. You can even view your personal results for all typing activities. No similar product maintains your information so completely.

Practice Tailored Lessons That Improve Weak Areas
Typing Instructor Deluxe evaluates your Typing Results to determine weak typing skill areas using Dynamic Learning. Once identified, you can practice with specific lessons that are created and tailored to improve your weak areas. You'll save hours by focusing on the areas that need the most improvement.

Making It Personal Enhances Learning
Only Typing Instructor Deluxe lets you build your own Typing Plans. These plans can include lessons, tests, articles, and games. You can even add your own music (MP3 and other formats). The lessons and tests can be added from Typing Instructor.

An Exciting Typing Adventure Makes Learning Fun
Learning to type should be fun and exciting. Typing Instructor Deluxe takes you to 36 destinations with 3 separate travel themes. Take a break any time at the arcade and practice while playing 10 action-packed games.

Virtual Adventure Games Make Learning Fun
Key in the correct characters in the Wild West to improve your typing skills faster than a charging mustang. Then, zap space debris in Flotsam Fighter II or soar the skies in Diamond Glider's rhythm typing adventure. Cliffhanger and Xtreme Typing challenge you in the rugged outdoors. You'll encounter the mysterious depths of the sea in Typer Shark Abyss and Sea Adventure.