Sweetwater Gap, Women of Faith Series #18Sweetwater Gap, Women of Faith Series #18
Denise Hunter
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Interview, Excerpt

When Josephine's family insists she come home to help with the harvest, the timing works. But her return isn't simple benevolence-she plans to persuade the family to sell the failing orchard.

The new manager's presence is making it difficult. Grady MacKenzie takes an immediate disliking to Josephine and becomes outright cantankerous when she tries talking her family into selling. As she and Grady work side by side in the orchard, she begins to appreciate his devotion and quiet faith. She senses a vulnerability in him that makes her want to delve deeper, but there's no point letting her heart have its way-he's tied to the orchard, and she could never stay there.

 Sweetwater Gap Discussion Questions: Denise Hunter


1. What role did each of these characters play in Josie’s life? Aunt Lola, Laurel, Josie’s dad, Grady?


2. How did the attitude of Josie’s father toward her shape the way Josie felt about herself?


3. What characteristics of Grady appealed to Josie?


4. Josie didn’t feel she could live with the guilt of Ian’s sacrifice. What are some things she did to assuage the guilt?


5. How was Ian’s sacrifice like Christ’s? How are Josie’s responses to Ian’s sacrifice similar to our response to Christ’s sacrifice?



6. How did Grady’s love for Josie demonstrate selflessness?


7. Josie reached a point of despair where she felt there was only one way out. What could you say to a friend in desperate straits that would give them hope?


8. The gospel seed had been planted in Josie from the time she was young. Why do you think it took her so long to accept it? What was it about her present situation that made her ready?


9. What meaning do you think the title “Sweetwater Gap” has?



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