Pray Big for Your Child: The Power of Praying God's Promises for Your Child's LifePray Big for Your Child: The Power of Praying God's Promises for Your Child's Life
Will Davis, Jr.
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All parents want what's best for their children. What better place to start than prayer? In Pray Big for Your Child, prayer expert Will Davis, Jr. shows parents how to unleash the power of praying Scripture for their kids. This book includes a powerful thirty-one day prayer guide and twelve around-the-clock reminders to help you pray for your child throughout the day. Paperback.

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You've written several books on the topic of prayer. Is there a particular reason why you chose that theme?
Actually, the theme of prayer chose me. In my early years in ministry I was mentored by several men who were prayer giants. I heard them pray and heard their teachings on prayer. I saw what God did in response to their prayers. So Iíve been deeply convicted about the power of prayer most of my adult life. Beyond that, I really struggle with prayer. It doesnít come naturally for me. I guess writing about it is a way for me to confront my weakness.
Why is it imperative that parents pray for their children?
Anything that we as Christ-followers want to do that builds Godís Kingdom requires prayer. The Kingdom life is impossible without prayer. As parents, we are not trying to raise good, well-rounded citizens; weíre trying to raise Kingdom-builders. Thatís an impossible task without prayer. Prayer is the most effective parenting tool we have.
Can you tell our readers what a BHAP, an acronym you use in your book, stands for and its significance ?
A BHAP is a big, hairy, audacious prayer. I introduced the concept in my first book on prayer, Pray Big. A BHAP is the kind of prayer in which I canít manipulate the outcome. Itís something so big and beyond me that, in order for it to become a reality, God has to come through. A BHAP requires God to do God-level work in my world today.
What is a pinpoint prayer?
Pinpoint praying is also first introduced in Pray Big. Itís the kind of praying that Jesus modeled in the Lordís prayer. I juxtapose it with the ďGod be with Bill,Ē and ďGod bless TomĒ types of prayers. Pinpoint praying is two things: biblical and specific. Each of the petitions in the Lordís prayer is deeply rooted in Old Testament teaching - itís biblical. Each is also very specific - give us our daily bread, deliver us from evil, let your Kingdom come. Thereís nothing vague in any of the petitions in the Lordís prayer. Thatís the type of praying Jesus commanded us to engage in - biblical and specific.
Will parents see an improvement in their children's behavior after they start praying for them? If so, how long does it take?
BHAPS and pinpoint prayers are always God-initiated. He typically lays a burden or a promise on a parentís heart through his Word. As the parent is obedient to praying what God has called him or her to, he begins to work in response to the parentís prayers. Be it good behavior, a godly character or a life mission, if God calls us to pray it for our child, then heíll answer it. I am, however, leery of putting a time-table on God. My own faith walk has shown me that God doesnít work according to my calendar or in spreadsheets. He just answers when itís time. Remember, God said that those who wait on him will renew their strength. We wouldnít have to wait if he always answered immediately.
Give us an example of a prayer request you made to God for one of your own children. What was the result?
My wife and I prayed for the salvation of each of our three kids even before they were born. Thatís the greatest BHAP you can ever pray ó for the regeneration of a dead soul. God graciously answered each of those prayers early in our kidís lives. Today, Iím praying BHAPs for their own spouses ó whom they donít yet know, for their careers and callings, for their purity and holiness, and for their maturity as Kingdom-builders. I pray mostly Scripture for each of these requests, and I do it every day.
Should a parent pray differently for a boy than for a girl?
I address this question in a chapter in Pray Big for Your Child. Yes, I think we need to pray differently for boys than we do for girls. Culture hits them in different ways and Satan attacks them with different lies. Specifically, I teach readers how to pray for the man or woman that their child will grow up to be. I teach them to picture their child as an adult and then to pray for that man or woman. For boys, we talk about praying for authentic relationships, sexual purity and leadership. For girls, we talk about praying that they will love themselves, that they will first be married to Jesus, and that they will see themselves as holy ground.
How do you answer parents who say that they don't have time to pray? Do you need a lot of time to do an adequate job?
Candidly, if a parent feels theyíre too busy to pray for their kids, then Iíd advise them to do a serious priority check. Raising kids is one of the greatest stewardship commands that we have. If weíve filled our lives with other things, then weíre mismanaging the parental assignment that God has given us. Does a parent need to spend a lot of time praying in order to be effective? No. But they do need to be consistent. Small but daily prayers add up. If a parent will be faithful to pray daily for their kids, then theyíll see the impact and answers that God wants them to have.
Are there certain categories of concerns that parents should concentrate on during their prayertime?
Absolutely. In Pray Big for Your Child, I break out many of the areas that parents can address in prayer. We look at daily needs, spiritual foundations, growth and life stages, mentors, friends, future spouses, work ethic, life calling, and even effective separation from parents. But beyond that, effective praying parents let the Bible guide them in their prayers for their kids. As they read Godís Word, theyíll discover verses that represent their heart for their kids. Those verses become the foundation of their passionate pinpoint prayers to God for their kids.
Is there anything else you'd like to tell your readers?

Yes, two things:

1. Prayer works. The only way to fail in prayer is by not praying. Even if you feel weak in your prayers, pray! God will honor your effort.

2. Never stop praying; never give up. Just because you don’t see the evidence of God’s answers doesn’t mean that he’s not working. God promises to answer your prayers. He is responsible for the how and when of the answers; you are responsible to keep praying. So, never ever stop praying.


Interview posted on 3/31/2009