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Dado Squares (Original)Dado Squares (Original)
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Dado Squares truly inspire complex thought through simple design.

Set a pile of Dado Squares out and stand back. What happens? Children reach out and take hold of a learning toy that's a perfect fit for busy hands, unlimited imaginations, and problem-solving growth of young minds!

Little kids reason for themselves how to create incredible three-dimensional structures; see how visual spatial development and problem solving come along naturally! Your child will get to know architectural principles intuitively... proportion, balance, structure and color.

From 35 two-dimensional pieces, kids devise amazing three-dimensional designs. Given a few minutes with Dado Squares, they become parking garages for matchbox cars, fences for animals, angular hats, space rockets, and other creative, inspiring designs! Made and developed in the USA.

Spot It!Spot It!
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There is always one, and only one, matching symbol between any 2 cards in this party game. Spot it and you win! 55 cards are each decorated with 8 symbols-but there's only one matching symbol between any two cards. The player who wins the most mini-games is the champion. A sharp eye and a little bit of speed is all it takes to become a Spot it! Master. Five different alternative game instructions are included.

Please note that this game includes a picture of a ying-yang symbol, bomb, skull-and-crossbones, and ghost.

Ages: 7 to Adult
2 to 8 Players
Play Time: 10 - 20 Minutes
Contents: 55 cards

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If you enjoy Scrabble and Boggle, you're ready for Bananagrams- the game of letter tiles that zips neatly into a banana-shaped case and provides fun anytime and anywhere. For 2-8 players, age 7-97, it's a quick-paced game where you build your own crossword. Everyone plays at once - no waiting! It's a learning tool, a family activity, a non-electronic fun game that sharpens your word skills. Banana gram is 9" long, easy to pack and take with you. 144 tiles.

Settlers of Catan Portable Edition (2nd Edition)Settlers of Catan Portable Edition (2nd Edition)
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Now the renowned, bestselling Game of Year comes in a very cool, compact, portable edition! A solid, beautifully designed plastic game board, drop-in-tiles, and plug-in roads and settlements enable you to enjoy The Settlers of Catan almost anytime or anywhere. Ages 10 & up. 3 to 4 players. Game time: 60 - 120 minutes.

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