The Life of the Mind: A Christian PerspectiveThe Life of the Mind: A Christian Perspective
Clifford Williams
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Do purely intellectual pursuits have a purpose in the lives of Christians? Should Christians study subjects that have little bearing on their future careers and ministry? According to Clifford Williams, the answer to both of these questions is yes. To support this view, Williams, a veteran professor of philosophy, offers an examination of the life of the mind. Christians who cultivate the life of the mind read, think, experiment, and engage in discussions. They are interested in the acquisition of knowledge that is both unrelated and directly related to their faith. Williams answers common objections to such activities, describes the virtues of the person who engages in the life of the mind, and asserts that the life of the mind is justifiably a Christian calling. Any Christian committed to developing the mind will enjoy The Life of the Mind, the newest addition to the RenewedMinds imprint.

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1Why Do We Like to Think?14
2Is Thinking Good for Its Own Sake?27
3The Effects of Thinking43
4Tensions between the Life of the Mind and
Christian Faith
5Is the Life of the Mind at Odds with Culture?72
6The Crowd and the Community81
7The Hermit and the Explorer86

Appendix: Questions for Reflection91
Further Reading95