A Time to Gather, Safe Harbor Series #2A Time to Gather, Safe Harbor Series #2
Dr. Gary Smalley, Sally John
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After thirty years, Max and Claire are renewing their vows--with changed hearts. But the Beaumont's grown children still grapple with the effects of their formerly broken home.

Daughter Lexi Beaumont garnered local noteriety when she saved her family from wildfire--a fame rivaled only by that of her celebrity newscaster brother, Eric. But the attention sheds light on darker places she'd rather keep hidden. As Lexi tries to settle quietly back into life After the Fire, romantic troubles plague her. Then Eric's always erratic behavior begins to spriral out of control. His drinking has reached a new height--and only a headstrong policewoman seems to make any headway with him. It'll take a miracle of grace to bring these two hurting souls to a place of recovery and healing.


 A Time to Gather Discussion Questions: Sally John & Gary Smalley


1.  Lexi and Erik are stuck in ruts in terms of their coping mechanisms. To a certain extent we all cope with life situations, we all need to protect ourselves from pain, we all need comfort. Can you identify ways in which you, too, might make use of coping mechanisms?



2.  Why don’t Lexi and Erik want to seek help early in the story? How did that affect them?



3.  Lexi and Erik eventually see ways in which their dad, Max, unintentionally hurt them when they were children. It took many years for them to realize this and take steps toward healing.




4. How did your parents unintentionally hurt you? What steps did you take—or what steps do you need to take—in order for healing to occur?



5.  If you are a parent, how have you unintentionally hurt your children? Have you, like Claire and Max, asked for their forgiveness? What was the response?



6.  What are things that have been sown in your heart? What has been reaped? Identify the flowers and weeds.


7.  What do you think about forgiveness and forgetting? Is it hard for you? Easy? Why?



8.  Do you believe God wants to heal our deep wounds? How has he healed yours?



9.  In the first book in this series, A Time to Mend, Claire and Max had to overcome some deep personal issues in order to heal their marriage and relationship. What progress do you see in Claire since then? In Max?



10.  Like the Beaumont family members, the Hacienda Hideaway is still under construction. What would your ideal retreat center be like?



A Time to Mend, Safe Harbor Series #1
A Time to Mend, Safe Harbor Series #1

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