A Woman Called SageA Woman Called Sage
DiAnn Mills
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Sage Morrow has everything---an adoring husband and a baby on the way---until five ruthless gunmen change her life forever. Now accompanied only by her magnificent hawk, she's a Colorado bounty hunter bent on retribution! But the stakes are raised when two young boys are kidnapped. Will the hunter become the hunted?

Note from DiAnn Mills: My inspiration for A Woman Called Sage came from a deep admiration for pioneer women who got the job done. I also enjoy writing stories about unlikely women who take on roles that are a stretch for most women. Combine those two passions with a love for the Rocky Mountains, and Sage stepped into my novel. 



 A Woman Called Sage Discussion Questions: DiAnn Mills


1.     Why do you think Sage went to her mother’s people in the Rocky Mountains instead of staying with her parents in southern Colorado?


2.     Why do you think Sage preferred to bring in wanted men alive?



3.     Revenge and bitterness is a strong motivator.What do you think is the reason why Sage didn’t become as hard and callused as others who had experienced similar tragedy?



4.     Have you ever known anyone who had a unique relationship with birds or animals?


5.     Parker had taken care of his brother and his brother’s family for years. How do you feel about his role?


6.     Do you think Parker would have married Leah if she’d asked?


7.     What kind of prejudices met Sage, not only in Rocky Falls but  everywhere she journeyed?



8.     Widow Bess played an intricate role in Sage’s life. Have you  experienced support and encouragement from a woman other than your mother, grandmother, or sister? Have you mentored another woman?


9.     Have you ever been deceived by someone you trusted?


10.    Traditional male and female roles often limit God-given talents and abilities. How do you view your role in fulfilling God’s purpose for you?


11.    How did you view Sage’s eye-opening experience with God? In the final outcome of Parker and Sage’s relationship, how did they compliment each other? How did they differ?


12.     Do you know a married couple who are not the same race? How do you feel about their relationship?



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