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Sir Cumference and All The King's Tens: A Math  AdventureSir Cumference and All The King's Tens: A Math Adventure
Cindy Neuschwander
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Sir Cumference and Lady Di planned a surprise birthday party for King Arthur, but they didn't expect so many guests to show up. How many lunches will they need? And with more guests arriving by the minute, what about dinner? Sir Cumference and Lady Di have to figure out a quick way to count the guests to bring order to the party.

Algebra 1 Solved! CD-RomAlgebra 1 Solved! CD-Rom
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Stuck on a problem, and not sure what you're doing wrong? Turn to Bagatrix's Algebra 1 Solved! CD-ROM to find the answer, as well as what you're doing wrong. Enter in your own homework problem or choose from a list of unlimited example problems, and get step-by-step explanations. This program creates math-formatted documents, detailed graphs, interactive tests, and even helps you track your progress!

Concepts covered include: Addition/Elimination Method, Arithmetic Operations Calculating Slope and Y Intercept, Combining like Terms, Completing the Square, Determining Lines, Distributive Property, Factoring, Finding equations & points, Graphing Method, Quadratic Formula, Simplifying Expressions, Solving Equations, and more.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7

    Key To Algebra, Book #1Key To Algebra, Book #1
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    Too many students end their study of mathematics before ever taking an algebra course. Others attempt to study algebra, but are unprepared and cannot keep up. "Key to Algebra" was developed with the belief that anyone can learn basic algebra if the subject is presented in a friendly, non-threatening manner and someone is available to help when needed. Some teachers find that their students benefit by working through these books before enrolling in a regular algebra course--thus greatly enhancing their chances of success. Others use "Key to Algebra" as the basic text for an individualized algebra course, while still others use it as a supplement to their regular hardbound text. Allow students to work at their own pace. The "Key to Algebra" books are informal and self-directing. The authors suggest that you allow the student to proceed at his or her own pace. Book 1 covers Operations on Integers.

    Horizons Pre-Algebra Student BookHorizons Pre-Algebra Student Book
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    An understanding of the principle elements of algebra is essential to upper-level math and good standardized test scores. Introduce your junior high students to advanced math with this workbook's 160 colorful lessons. This colorful workbook reviews basic math skills before introducing algebra, geometry, and trigonometry concepts like absolute value, transformations and nets, compound interest, permutations, combinations, two variable equations, volume and surface area of solids, four operations with monomials and polynomials, representations of data, trigonometric ratios and more.

    A set of college test prep questions that follows each block of ten lessons; a new collection of math-minute interviews help students understand how ordinary people use pre-algebra concepts in their work.. 358 pages, softcover. Grade 7.


    Daily Mental Math, Grade 6, 2nd EditionDaily Mental Math, Grade 6, 2nd Edition
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    Daily Mental Math is a structured program used for a few minutes to encourage and develop mental calculation skills, problem-solving strategies and skills, and speed of recall, as well as provide support for math programs & routine assessment. A variety of math concepts are presented in a weekly cycle of exercises. Students complete twenty problems a day. The problems are designed to be grade-level appropriate for most students, with focus on geometry, division, patterns, time, even/odd, word problems, Roman numerals, and other exercises. 108 pages with Friday Tests included. 2nd Edition. Answers not included.

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