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 Phonics K

Saxon Phonics K, Home Study KitSaxon Phonics K, Home Study Kit
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Help your children build solid reading skills with this multisensory, sequential phonics program. Developed by Lorna Simmons to remedy her own son's reading difficulties, Saxon Phonics is flexible, easy to use, and highly effective. Kits include a student workbook in two parts, a reader, a teacher's manual, teaching tools, (A Home Study DVD and Pronunciation Guide on CD) This program is separated into 140 lessons or 35 weeks.

Saxon Phonics K, Student WorkbooksSaxon Phonics K, Student Workbooks
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This is in a two-part set of student workbooks contains all the necessary material for one student for the entire year: worksheets, activity sheets, and oral assessments appear in sequentially correct locations. Also we have a 2- page recording form that is designed to accommodate the results of all twenty-five assessments taken by the student over the courst of the year.

Saxon Phonics K, Teacher's ManualSaxon Phonics K, Teacher's Manual
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This teachers guide includes ideas for: Program overview, kid card games, alphabet games, spelling games, and chalkboard games.

Saxon Phonics K, Teaching ToolsSaxon Phonics K, Teaching Tools
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Phonics K begins by working with auditory discrimination skills to see if the child is aware of different sounds of the English language, indicating readiness to learn to read. This kit contains: a DVD, a CD, a home study rule book, flash cards of single letters, phonic blends, and letter association pictures, (ie: r is for rabbit).