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    Reason to Believe: Cultural Agency in Latin American EvangelicalismReason to Believe: Cultural Agency in Latin American Evangelicalism
    David Smilde

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    Evangelical Protestantism has arguably become the fastest-growing religion in South America, if not the world. For converts, it emphasizes self-discipline and provides a network of communal support, which together have helped many overcome substance abuse, avoid crime and violence, and resolve relationship problems. But can people simply decide to believe in a religion because of the benefits it reportedly delivers? Based on extensive fieldwork among Pentecostal men in Caracas, Venezuela, this rich urban ethnography seeks an explanation for the explosion of Evangelical Protestantism, unraveling the cultural and personal dynamics of Evangelical conversion to show how and why these men make the choice to convert, and how they come to have faith in a new system of beliefs and practices.

    "This book masterfully combines ethnographic description with sophisticated theoretical analysis of the role that religion plays in the lives of men who are struggling with alcohol, drugs, and gambling in Venezuela. Based on three years of in-depth interviewing and observation in Caracas, David Smilde's study beautifully portrays the dynamics of male culture in a violent city and describes why some individuals decide to convert to the Pentecostal faith. Smilde makes a major contribution to our understanding of human agency, cultural empowerment, and the role of conservative religion."
    -Donald E. Miller, author of Reinventing American Protestantism: Christianity in the New Millennium

    David Smilde is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Georgia. He is co-author, with Margarita Lopez Maya and Keta Stephany, of Protesta y cultura en Venezuela: Los Marcos de accion colectiva en 1999.


     South and Meso-America

    Rainforest AdventuresRainforest Adventures
    Horace Banner
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    This volume presents a carefully edited and translated collection of Pre-Columbian ancient spiritual texts. It presents relevant examples of those sacred writings of the indigenous peoples of Central America, especially Mexico, that have survived destruction. The majority of texts were conceived in the 950-1521 A.D. period. Their authors were primarily anonymous sages, priests and members of the ancient nobility. Most were written in Nahuath (also known as Aztec or Mexican), in Yucatec and Quiche-Maya languages.



     Mexico and Central America

    The U.S.-Mexico Border: The Treaty of Guadalupe HidalgoThe U.S.-Mexico Border: The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    John C. Davenport

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    This book of Political Boundaries in World History will help you conceptualize how factors such as colonialism, culture, and economics determine the nature of contact between people along these borders. Although globalization has emerged as a powerful force working against the creation and maintenance of lines separating people, boundaries are not likely to disappear as factors with a continuing influence on world events.

    This series of books will provide insights about the impact of arbitrary borders on human history and how such borders continue to shape the modern world. Hardcover, 115 pages. Chelsea House.



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    When you are called to the mission field you are not automatically infused with all the knowledge you will need to be effective. There are languages to learn, cultural etiquette to master, religions to understand and Bibles to be translated. has created this resource center for just that purpose. Enjoy!

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    Persecution in the News

    India Christians
    Forced to Flee

    In India's West Bengal state, local Christians and missionaries faced death threats for their faith, according to Mission News Network. Fourteen members of a Gospel for Asia church were severely beaten and forced to leave their homes on July 10 [2008], after being accused of forcing conversions and bringing an illness on the village. The mob threatened to kill the believers if they remained in the village. Village leader Negesh Rai brought the matter to the attention of local police, which led to calls for his resignation by protesting villagers. On July 16, the believers were removed to a different area for safety.

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