Love Starts with Elle, Lowcountry Romance Series #2Love Starts with Elle, Lowcountry Romance Series #2
Rachel Hauck
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Rita Finalist Rachel Hauck weaves a tale of love turned into sadness that is redeemed by faith. As Elle Garvey is confronted by the whims of man will she open her heart to the new blessings God has in store for her?

 Love Starts with Elle Discussion Questions: by Rachel Hauck


1. In the first chapter, we see Elle’s love for art. There’s a line about why she owns a gallery instead of painting. Do you remember what it was? Do you, or someone one you know, pursue a career, relationship or ministry because you feel your real desire in unobtainable?



2. We first met Elle in Sweet Caroline. She was passionate about getting married, even made a plan. How did it turn out? Why?



3. Elle flies to Dallas to look for a house. She and Jeremiah cannot agree on anything. Think of a time where you adamantly disagreed with someone. How did you resolve it? If you haven’t, how can you?



4. Heath McCord moves to the lowcountry to heal and get to know his daughter. Was there a time in your life where a geographic change helped you move on emotionally?



5. Elle discovers she’s not getting married in a very bizarre way. But so often truth is stranger than fiction. Discuss a time when you learned of bad news in a less than ideal way. How did you respond?



6. When Heath first meets Elle, how does he respond? What is happening in his heart. What is your response as a member of the scene, observing?



7. Elle hides in her studio for a month after Jeremiah breaks up with her. We all respond differently to pain. Discuss ways to face and deal with grief.



8. Miss Anna is a composite of our grandmothers and great Aunts. What is unique about her? Could you do what she did for forty years?



9. In this life, Miss Anna didn’t achieve much or live out many of her dreams. But she had a revelation. What was it? How did this revelation buy her more in eternity than anything she could’ve achieved in this life?



10. How does Miss Anna impact Elle? What is she teaching her? Discussing living for eternity rather than this temporal life.



11. This story is about surrender. Discuss areas of your life God might be wanting you to surrender.



12. Julianne faced a tough reality. Sin often leads us where we don’t want to go and keep us longer than we wanted stay. Discuss how guilt or shame kept you from confessing your sin to Jesus. How did He respond when you finally surrendered?



13. What do we learn about Elle and Jeremiah when he returns to her life? Is there someone in your life holding you back? How do you move on?



14. What does this book lead you to believe about prayer? What did Elle learn?



15. The appearance of the feathers is unusual. But God goes beyond our understanding to demonstrate His love for us. Discuss a time in your life when God touched you in a supernatural way. If you haven’t had such an experience, ask for one.



16. Heath is an amazing man. What strengths about him do you admire?



17. Elle is confident about so many things but her own work. How does God prompt her to paint again. Discuss an area of your life where you lack confidence. How can God help you overcome?



18. God in His great mercy confirms Elle’s desire to paint. How does He do this?



19. Often we think God is against our heart’s desires. He’s not. But timing can be an issue. Discuss Elle’s desire to be married. How did God answer her. Thank Him for answer a desire in your life no matter how small.



20. The story ends at the Frogmore Café where we first met Caroline Sweeney. Heath arrives and Elle knows she’s loved. But first she had to discover God’s love. Discuss the importance of being confident in love, especially God’s love. Is there anything that can make us more confident?




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