The Way to a Man's Heart, Miller Family Series #3The Way to a Man's Heart, Miller Family Series #3
Mary Ellis
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Interview, Excerpt

Leah Miller is living her dream come true as she invests in a newly restored diner that caters to locals rather than tourists. Can Jonah Byler convince this shy, quiet young woman that she should leave her adoring fans and cook only for him?

Leah’s sister, Emma, is trying to adapt to married life as New Order Amish along with her husband, James, who gave up his Englischer ways to make Emma his bride. Will his commitment to Emma and to God stand firm when temptations from his past come to call?



 The Way to a Man's Heart Discussion Questions: Mary Ellis


1)     Why would working at a local diner be especially appealing to Old Order Leah?


2)    Members of the Amish community usually steer clear of conflicts in the English world. Why is it so hard for Matthew to stay removed from the problems at the horse farm where he works?


3)    Jamie’s devotion to his bride, Emma, has changed his life in profound ways. How do the “little changes” threaten to undermine their relationship more than the major ones when he became New Order Amish?


4)    With the runaway success of the diner, what particularly female character flaw rears its head in Leah’s personality? Why would this be especially onerous for an Amish woman?


5)     What is it about Jonah Byler that makes him irresistible to Leah? Why does human nature cause us to seek the apple beyond our reach, while surrounded with prime fruit ready to be picked?


6)    How does Matthew’s God-given gifts serve him well as a horse trainer, but dooms him to a lonely future with humankind? How would becoming an independent trainer be hampered by Amish rules, their Ordnung?


7)    Why would Leah enter a baking competition knowing her parents wouldn’t approve? What about the contest becomes problematic for someone Amish?


8)    Leah long suspects something isn’t right with her business partner at the diner. Why does she wait so long to confront her, and what is it about April’s personality that allows this to snowball in the first place?


9)    Why does Leah believe the diner’s closing has ruined her chances with Jonah, even though she wasn’t culpable in the mismanagement?


10)    Why wouldn’t Matthew return to his beloved horse-training job after the owner fires his former boss?


11)    How does Emma’s frequent disagreements among Jamie’s family members help her to mature in her marriage and grow as a Christian?


12)    What had caused Jonah’s lapse of faith, and how does Leah help him restore his relationship with God?



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