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Puzzle Wreath Picture Frame
By Mari Almon

This is a fun craft that makes a great Christmas gift or a beautiful decoration for your own home. The complexity can be adjusted to be suitable for many different ages. I prefer to use the puzzle pieces that were the green, leafy parts of the picture for a very unique look, but you could certainly use (1) a combination of several shades of reds or (2) a combination of reds and greens or (3) even spray paint the pieces gold, silver, or any color you want, to create a totally different look. The combinations are endless, so you can have something totally different each time.


• A favorite 4 x 6 picture that you’d like to frame
• Cardboard circle cut out: inside circle 4¼", outside edge 5½"
• Old puzzle pieces (predominantly green pieces; variation: spray paint the pieces green)
• Glitter glue
• Old jewelry, glitter, beads—anything you’d like to decorate with
• Ribbon
• Scissors
• Paintbrush
Optional: Glue gun, stapler


1. Paint the ring dark green.
2. Attach the ribbon hanger onto the back with staples or glue.
3. Glue puzzle pieces onto the front of the cardboard ring, paying special attention to the inside edge and outside edge so that the finished edge will have a nice even look. If there are spots in the center of the ring that are not completely covered, don’t worry about it.
4. Once you have glued pieces all of the way around the inside and outside, glue puzzle pieces over the center, covering any open spaces and making sure to overlap the pieces to cover as much of the ring as possible.
5. Use a paintbrush to “glaze” all of the puzzle pieces with the glitter glue.
6. Let everything completely dry before you do any more.
7. Decorate your wreath with old jewelry pieces, sequins, glitter, beads, or just about anything you can think of. Be creative!
8. Once you’ve achieved the look that you like, let it dry thoroughly. Then take the picture that you want in the frame and position it however you think it looks best. Use glue or hot glue to attach the picture to the back of the frame, facing forward.

Enjoy sharing this gift!

Mari Almon, Senior Advertising Services for This Old Schoolhouse Magazaine, lives in northern Atlanta. Married to Steve, they are both thrilled that their children had the opportunity to graduate high school from home. In her spare time Mari enjoys traveling, making homemade crafts, and perennial gardening.

Copyright 2009.
Originally appeared in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Fall 2009.
Used with permission.
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