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This is my second year of homeschooling, and my first with The Weaver Curriculum. After completing my first year, I felt that something was lacking. I teach my children at home so that they can learn about God and how He is involved in every area of our lives, but I felt like we were just having a devotional and then moving on to the 'rest' of school. I wanted more for us. Then God led me to The Weaver Curriculum. It has met our needs perfectly. I love how all of the subjects are tied to the Bible. I also love the hands-on activities. My children retain so much because they are actively engaged in learning. We are currently on Volume 1 and looking forward to doing Volume 2 next year!

Jennifer S

I am a homeschool Mum from the mid-north of South Australia. I have two children, aged 9 and 12. We have been homeschooling for nearly four years, using textbooks for the first three years. We found that, while the books were really good, there was a definite lack of 'hands-on' learning, and no time left for excursions or for doing the fun things that make homeschooling worthwhile. We also found that, while both of our children could do really well in a test (100% most of the time), when we asked them the same questions in a couple of months' time, they had forgotten much of what they had learned.

I have found that their level of retention has increased dramatically with Weaver's 'Unit Study' method; and, best of all, our children are enjoying schoolwork once again. My husband and I have really enjoyed doing things with our children, too. My husband has been actively involved with teaching the children on several occasions, and he no longer feels that he could not take an active part in the education of our children. My darling husband has also done experiments on magnetism and electricity with our children (something that there simply wasn't time for with textbook study). We have had fun making volcanoes and having them explode, making sugar cube houses, drawing the Town Hall (all of the family did it!), drawing one of the local churches, and making old-time Bible oil lamps; and both of our children actually prepared, cooked, and served dinner for us. Prior to the meal, they wrote the menu and name cards in Italian. They also cleaned up afterward and did the dishes!

We have now found that we CAN teach outside of textbooks. We have been extremely impressed with Weaver; and the service that we have received from AOP has been nothing short of excellent. We have plans to use Weaver for the remainder of our children's schooling. What a fantastic product!

May God bless you.

Jillian D


This is my first year of homeschooling, and after much prayer and consideration, I selected The Weaver Curriculum. It has allowed me to have both of my children learning about the same topics at the same time, at their own individual levels. Prior to beginning homeschooling, I thought I knew how my son would best learn. I thought it would be with workbooks and lots of reading. While he does learn that way, I’ve found that he learns even better with the hands-on focus of The Weaver Curriculum. I love it and wish more people knew about it. Though this is my first year, I am excited about the curriculum and would like to share my enthusiasm with other homeschoolers.

Robin M
New Mexico

I am teaching my five children and two additional children with Weaver. I love it! It saves me so much time because I only end up teaching a subject once. When using this program, kids remember everything you do. I first started homeschooling with The Weaver Curriculum, then switched because a friend told me it was too much work. After spending a lot of money and wasting a lot of time, I found she was totally wrong. My kids begged me to go back to Weaver. We make learning fun and create family memories. Its most rewarding point is that it centers our lives and learning around God's Word.

Cynthia L

I love Weaver's Interlock. My daughter and I are having so much fun. I love that it is hands-on and activity-oriented, but the main thing I love about Weaver is that the Bible is the source for everything we learn. I love how science, social studies, language arts, and music are woven in through the Bible concept of the day.



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The Weaver Curriculum is a unit study that supports group learning with a strong Scriptural focus. With this you can educate all your children - from preschool to high school level - at the very same time while catering to the specific needs of each age group.

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