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Horizons Math is my favorite homeschool resource. It is well written to the teacher and the student. My daughter is doing so well in math, she enjoys the colorful, diverse presentation that keeps her favorite subject interesting.

Trish M

We switched over to Horizons for a more structured phonics base and my daughter’s reading skills have improved substantially. I just wish we had started sooner!

Monique W

I just received the new preschool curriculum and it is exactly what I was looking for. The format is easy to follow and still allows for flexibility in the teaching style. The integrated way the lessons flow allows me to add other ideas and studies, but not detract from the overall lessons. This curriculum is absolutely awesome. The colorful pages and activities are very exciting to my preschooler too. I'm so glad you developed this curriculum. It is unique. I looked at several different publishers before purchasing this one. It is by far the most teacher friendly course, and it is very appealing for the child. I love that it can be used for home school or for a classroom setting while still allowing for the homeschooled child to experience the fullness of the lessons. An added benefit is that it is truly created for the preschooler and is not trying to push the child to do work at the kindergarten or first grade level. This builds up the child's self esteem and is a wonderful atmosphere for learning. I wish I had been able to use it for my other children.

Elizabeth D

Horizons Math is the only curriculum that I don't feel I need to question each year. I started using something else for my son in K5 and then switched to Horizons in 1st grade. Since then, I have used it consistently and know that it is thorough. It's simple for me to teach and I have been very happy with it. I started my 5 year old daughter on it this year and she loves it.

Joy J
South Carolina


I am homeschooling my two oldest boys, ages 6 and 8. Last year they were both in public school and their teachers felt both of them should be held back. I disagreed and decided to homeschool. I worried because we didn't get started until a month and a half after school starts out here. We use Horizons Math for both boys and Phonics for the oldest. I could not be happier! Last year my oldest boy just didn't seem to 'get' math. When we started, he spent well over an hour on math every day; but now he flies through it, and my once insecure child feels proud of his improvements. My oldest boy also failed reading in public school, but with Horizons Phonics & Reading he is excelling! He has not missed a single answer and he loves the reader. I could not be happier with Horizons!

Christina K

Berean Christian Academy, a K5 through twelfth grade Christian school, has been in operation since August 2004. We opened with 15 students utilizing Horizons, LIFEPAC, and Switched-On-Schoolhouse (SOS) curriculum. Since that opening day we have experienced 600% growth, using AOP curriculum every step of the way. AOP has provided us with an academically sound curriculum along with a technologically advanced program in SOS. Based on our experience, I would highly recommend AOP to any school – new, established, small, large, or any point in between.

Berean Christian Academy

We started using the Horizons Preschool curriculum this year and are very happy with it. Even the parents have been thrilled with how much material the children are absorbing. The curriculum does a very good job at incorporating many different senses into learning so that the children retain more information. There are more than enough activities and ideas to keep them busy all day long. The children are learning how to write very quickly. The amount of practice they get with this curriculum has dramatically improved their writing skills beyond what I expected of them at this point in the school year. Thanks for putting together such a great program.

Janelle W
Liberty Academy

Wow!! This is a great program! This Horizons Preschool curriculum introduces knowledge and skills all at the appropriate time. It has been very well thought out.

Heather C
Maranatha KinderPrep


My husband and I thought we were all set to start homeschooling our preschool son in August, but then the AOP 2008 homeschool catalog came in the mail and I noticed the Horizons Preschool program. I thought it looked interesting so I ordered the first teacher's guide just to see what all was there. Like I said, we were all set already with purchased curriculum that I had planned out for the school year, but I was so blown away by what I was reading in the teacher's guide. I had to switch. Now with just three and a half months to go, I am ordering a whole new curriculum and starting from scratch. I know it will be worth it, though. This program is exactly what my son needs to get him ready for Kindergarten. We are sticking with AOP for sure (we plan to use LIFEPACs and SOS in the future)! Thank you!

Heather S

Your Horizons Math books are fantastic! The spiral teaching continually reinforces the skills, and the colorful and fun way it is presented keeps my daughters interested. It is truly the best, in my opinion!

Debbie D
North Carolina

We really enjoyed Horizons Phonics and Reading for second grade last school year. We were so excited to use this after using Horizons for kindergarten and first grade. I was very impressed with the lessons and stories. My little guy couldn't wait to find out what happened next in both Robinson Crusoe and A Little Princess! I also have used Horizons Math for both of my children. One is gifted and one has special needs. The spiraled curriculum with constant review and reinforcement has worked better than any other curriculum we have tried.

Charlene M

My daughter is enthralled with Horizons preschool materials.  She especially loves the Character Builder DVDs.  They have provided sold reinforcement of the character concepts we are teaching at home.  She loves how  the work book pages have many of the same characters that are on the DVDs and CDs.  I feel that the academic content as well as the character building lessons that are found through out Horizons preschool materials have allowed my daughter to gain a solid foundation of academics and life values.

Melissa Hamilton




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Horizons is a math and language arts study for students in grades K-6.

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