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I had recently pulled my oldest son from the private school he was attending that was using a different curriculm. I was researching several curricula before pulling him, and a friend had suggested LIFEPAC. I was able to acquire the diagnostic tests to see where he was. I was so upset. What were they teaching him? What he was learning there for 7th grade, was 3rd or 4th grade LIFEPAC for several of the subjects! I immediately went and bought LIFEPAC on the lower grade levels so he can be caught up to his grade level by the start of the next school year.

I also pulled out my youngest child and started homeschooling him. He too is behind, but is catching up quickly. They both enjoy learning and being homeschooled, and I can be sure that they are learning what they need to. Thank you very much.

Michele S

My daughter is proof that LIFEPACs work. She is a senior in college. She was a national merit scholar finalist as a senior and has attended our public college on scholarship. She has been published twice and all her professors comment on what a marvelous educational foundation she received at home. LIFEPACs allow you to let your children excel in the areas in which they are especially gifted while still acquiring a firm foundation in all subjects. You can make the projects simple or turn them into in-depth research projects depending on your child's needs and tastes. My daughter has had no problem adapting both academically and socially, having been elected president of the honor's college twice now. Homeschooling works and LIFEPACs make it easy.

Elizabeth S

I absolutely love Alpha Omega Publications! My daughter and I enjoy learning together through the wonderful LIFEPACs. We really love the Bible LIFEPACs. It takes us deeper through each Bible story and teaches us how to apply it to our lives. We have also enjoyed the History LIFEPACs where you visit each state and learn the different things each state has to offer. The LIFEPACs sent us on field trips to the grocery store which was so much fun. We have made wonderful recipes together, suggested by the lessons. We have also enjoyed the Science experiments in the LIFEPACs. The lessons break down the information so we can easily understand the literature. This helps me as the teacher because Science was never my strong suit. I could go on and on raving about AOP, but you will just have to see for yourself. Keep it up AOP! We are counting on you!

Chrystal F


I searched for a Bible curriculum and found what I needed in LIFEPACs. My daughter just finished the 2nd grade series. A few months ago she came to Jesus. I believe that AOP LIFEPACs played a role. Just a few weeks before, the lessons discussed salvation, and we stopped and discussed how to be saved. I ended by explaining to my daughter that now wasn't the time, but that one day, probably very soon, she would feel a tug at her heart and she would know that she needed to act then. My daughter really liked the no pressure approach.

A couple of months later, after church one evening, my daughter came to me and said, 'Mommy, I want to ask Jesus in my heart right now.' I was totally caught off guard. I started going over the verses and explaining things again. I looked at her and asked, 'Do you want me to just be quiet and let you pray?' She said that she did, and asked if she had to pray outloud. I told her that she didn't, but that I sure would love to hear her pray. She prayed. It was a prayer of thanks. Rather than asking Jesus in, she thanked him for coming in and rather than asking him to forgive her, she thanked him for forgiving her. This was totally GOD and HER. I am so thankful that I was able to witness this special moment for my daughter.

We all enjoyed the Bible lessons this year. We learned about what Joseph's family was like, and how they ate. My only regret is that I didn't make this more of a family part of the school day. Toward the end, I involved my highly motivated kindergartener, who loved listening in on the stories.

Thank You.

Melissa M

My husband and I hold masters degrees in education. I taught in the public school system for 22 years, but had to leave the classroom due to illness. Now God has called us to open a private school and we are beginning our 5th year. The upper grades of our school (9-12) have been using LIFEPACs for Bible curriculum because the kids say, 'This makes Bible study so relevant to our lives.' During the algebra studies of graphing, my algebra students liked the LIFEPACs so much, because the workspace was ample. Algebra II was eager to use LIFEPACs because the directions were right there. LIFEPACs are great springboards for other discussions. Our study of Israel led us into WWII and reading of The Diary of Anne Frank. Thank you for offering such a solid curriculum.

Joy G
South Carolina

I have used your LIFEPAC curriculum with my son for the last four years of his homeschool education and must say that I'm impressed by your detailed, thorough, and concise curriculum that emphasizes ideas and concepts to the point where they are embedded in the memory of the student permanently. That is a rarity in today's education system in which students tend to forget material within a few months of learning it, if not weeks. I was simply interested in examining the materials you have for grades eleven and twelve; as college approaches it has become essential that we ensure for ourselves the most exceptional curriculum available. Thanks.

Kristen W

I love this curriculum! It is so easy to use and my children look forward to school each day. My oldest is able to work independently while I help the youngest. It makes both schoolwork and grading a breeze! Anyone could do it!

Pam J

When my husband and I were raising support to go to overseas as missionaries, I started looking for homeschooling materials for our children. We had specific requirements that the curriculum had to meet. It had to travel well (I hated the thought of lugging around heavy books that we might only read a page or two out of in a week!), it had to be affordable on our limited budget, and it had to be flexible. Alpha Omega Publications' LIFEPACs have given us just that. I especially love the fact that the girls can work independently when they need to do so, or we can go in-depth and really dig into topics that interest us!

Alisa W

When I first began to homeschool I asked a friend if she knew of a curriculum for Language Arts that incorporated grammar, spelling, and writing in one easy-to-follow format. Without hesitation, she recommended LIFEPAC by AOP. It was exactly what I was looking for! We loved it so much, that now we use it for several subjects. Thanks for a great, user-friendly curriculum.

Debbie W



Berean Christian Academy, a K5 through twelfth grade Christian school, has been in operation since August 2004. We opened with 15 students utilizing Horizons, LIFEPAC, and Switched-On-Schoolhouse (SOS) curriculum. Since that opening day we have experienced 600% growth, using AOP curriculum every step of the way. AOP has provided us with an academically sound curriculum along with a technologically advanced program in SOS. Based on our experience, I would highly recommend AOP to any school – new, established, small, large, or any point in between.

Berean Christian Academy

All I can say is a big thanks! My 4th grader was struggling this year in math so much there were daily tears. I checked out the AOP website and was looking into switching to Horizons. After downloading the placement test for her I was contacted by an AOP representative. WOW! The woman I spoke with was so very helpful and saved me from making a mistake in choosing a new math curriculum. After speaking with her I decided to give LIFEPAC a try. Since we received our LIFEPAC Math we have seen no tears over math. She says 'I love my new math mom!' I am thankful I am able to homeschool and tailor my children's curriculum to meet their individual needs, and I'm also thankful for all the help I received from Alpha Omega Publications in choosing a math program that fits my child. Thanks again AOP!

Heather C

I am writing to tell you of the wonderful experience I have had with the your curriculum. I began homeschooling my thirteen-year-old son when he was four years old and in preschool. We tried many methods, styles, and materials throughout the years. I always felt drawn to LIFEPAC and SOS materials. After prayerful consideration, we have spent two very happy and successful years using these materials. I have found the Switched-On Schoolhouse lessons to be engaging and interesting. Subjects that I would not have had the time or ability to teach him personally have been studied with confidence, creating an independent learner. The LIFEPACs have provided a means to systematically learn at a pace that is comfortable for him while completing the course work for the year. The well researched and presented information provide opportunities for understanding the content, while igniting an interest to learn more about the subject matter. The biblical integration has been a blessing to me and has strengthened my sons' knowledge and faith. I look forward to receiving my Daily Focus devotionals from AOP in my email and start my day with godly encouragement. Having AOP as my partner in my childrens' education has supported me and confirmed in my mind that I have the ability to homeschool my children throughout their high school years. Thank you for providing these excellent materials.

Mary Annthipie B
New Jersey

One day while in the third grade, my daughter came home crying after taking a state examination stating that she didn't know the answers to several of the questions. I soon found out that my daughter was horribly behind in all the areas of math, English, history, and science. LIFEPAC is truly a blessing - and Alpha Omega Publications the saving grace. My daughter and I love the LIFEPAC worktexts. They are great.

Yolanda N
New York


I feel strongly that homeschooling prepares a child for college in a very effective way. If one takes time to consider, college is more similar to homeschooling, where concepts are more self-taught through study, than public school, where concepts are learned primarily in groups. I was homeschooled for almost all of my school years using AOP. My mother used AOP because the curriculum was easy to use with the multiple age groups she was teaching. When I got to college I had very few problems. Good grades came easily, and I graduated recently Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I feel that this is very much because of my home education. I am now looking into ordering AOP preschool materials for my own son. I highly recommend this company because of their curriculum's simple format, comprehensive materials, and Christian base.

Esther P


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