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As a grandmother raising three grandchildren, I am so thankful for SOS. As the first day of school was getting closer and closer, I was feeling more and more  sick thinking of my granddaughter entering middle school. I had substituted there so I knew what went on. The closer it came the sicker I felt. I finally told my husband I just couldn't send her because I felt like I was sending her to the lion's den. So he agreed to the idea of me homeschooling her. I decided if I was going to teach her I was going to teach her sister and brother too. Needless to say, with three different grades, I felt a little overwhelmed after a few weeks. One night I prayed for God to let me find a curriculum on CDs. The next day I found SOS. I read testimonials and studied the website. I was so excited. I bought the 3rd, 5th, and 6th grade CDs. It was the best thing I could have done. I am so totally satisfied and thankful for such a complete curriculum for my children. They are happy and say they are learning so much. And they ARE! And I love that they have Bible lessons first thing every day to start them off on the rest of their daily work. I could never have afforded to send the three of them to a Christian school. Now I know they are getting quality instruction, and when more is needed I can be right there. It's like having a private teacher help you teach your children. I thank God for you and will use and recommend SOS until Jesus comes back for us! Thank you from my heart and God bless.

Bonnie L
North Carolina

What an amazing program! After trying several different companies' curriculum, I decided to try Switched-On Schoolhouse, starting with one subject. Well...I'm sold. My daughter loves it so much that she begs to do it seven days a week! She has learned so much and enjoys it more than I would have imagined. The lessons are thorough, interesting and enjoyable. We couldn't have asked for more. We have since purchased the curriculum for all subjects! Our curriculum shopping days are over and we will never look somewhere else again! SOS is the one for us! Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!

Kristy B
South Carolina

I was introduced to SOS by a dad of a child actor. He praised the ability to be mobile with a laptop that SOS offered. I enjoy allowing my son's ability to move around and reset due dates and re-do exercises if needed. I also love the fact he and my daughter are learning 21st century technology which many schools are touching upon or trying to incorporate in response to school reform and future use of technology. I especially am impressed and grateful for the technical support staff. As a small business owner, I needed the help SOS offers. It's like having an assistant or tutor right in your home.

Ylondra B


I want to thank you for the tutorials and walk through that have been included in the 2007 SOS curriculum. This will be our fourth year using SOS. After 10 years of homeschooling and four different curriculums, I have come to really appreciate the completeness and diversity of SOS. Thank you for your commitment to providing such an excellent resource for today's homeschoolers!

Aubrey C

Our family recently discovered SOS (Switched-On Schoolhouse) and is so thankful for the discovery! We have been homeschooling our three blessings for six years now and have been using a very good program; but we had constant problems, because our curriculum was textbook based. One of the problems we had was that I didn't have time to plan lessons, grade papers, make sure they each had their own tests when they were due, etc. With SOS, we don't have those problems any longer! Our kids know what their lessons are each day, when tests are coming up, etc. They can even work ahead if they choose. Their daily work, quizzes, and tests are right there for them, and their grades are computed by the program. It has been an absolute blessing from God! As parents we feel more organized, more in control, and the kids are having fun again too! We just can't say enough about SOS! If you've ever wanted an easy-to-use but thorough curriculum, you've got to try SOS! Thank you, Alpha Omega Publications!

Gwen P

I had already been homeschooling for nine years when a friend told me about Switched-On Schoolhouse. It couldn't have come at a better time. I had become so overwhelmed by the workload required to homeschool three children that I didn't know how I could keep going. The daily grading and weekly lesson-planning amounted to a 20-hour per week job....on top of time spent teaching and the normal schedule of a housewife and mother! I desperately needed a change.

Switching to 'SOS' was the best homeschooling decision I ever made! It has been six years since we made that change, and I will never go back! I will never go back to the hours of lesson-planning or to the tedious grading. I will never go back to wondering if my children are learning enough. I will never again wander vendor booths at homeschool conventions looking for 'the perfect curriculum'. I FOUND IT!

I began using SOS because I thought it would be a great change for me; but it has turned out to be the best thing for my children, too. I've made a lot of mistakes during my fourteen years as a homeschooling mom, but switching to SOS was definitely NOT one of them!! I'm hoping that Switched-On Schoolhouse will be around to see me through my next fifteen years of homeschooling!

Linda D

My family first started with LIFEPACs when we moved from Australia back to Colorado; but our daughter was 'lonesome' so she went back to school. After two years of that she was ready to homeschool again. We started with her two favorite subjects in Switched-On Schoolhouse - Science and History; and we bought a few different workbooks over the internet to try out some of the other subjects. We moved to Europe as missionaries just prior to our second year homeschooling, and tried the curriculum most use there, not good! So after a frustrating time, we went back to SOS. So our third year was all SOS, and now we embark upon our fourth year and our daughter looks like she's completely closed all the gaps in Math and Lanugage Arts, enjoys all her subjects, and is now taking more responsibility for her schedule and workload. This year we're going to try one lesson of Math and Language Arts each morning, and then finish the rest of the day with whatever subject she likes and continue to work in 'blocks'. SOS's calendar makes this so perfect because I can rework it and keep her on track during the year. You don't have to do every subject every day if your child can't keep the concentration level up. You can focus on one subject and help them learn so they retain the information during that day, then tackle another subject the next day. It’s not conventional, I know, but it works! Be blessed not stressed, and have fun!

Lesley D

What I like about SOS is that I don't have to worry about forgetting to hand in my homework. It takes a ton of stress off my mom and my whole family, since we go on a lot of trips and we can do homework while traveling. I also like that no homework whatsoever is off the computer unless you as the parent tell your kid(s) to figure out problems on paper. I usually get done with each subject after 15-30 minutes because I can left-click on the mouse and click speak and the computer starts reading the lesson while I read along. I decided to write this because SOS is so fun. It is much, much easier for my mom and my family, and takes away all of the stress of not getting to spend much time together and having lots of homework. So if you are a Christian homeschooler and don't have enough time to help your kid(s) with homework and other things then I recommend you use this program.

Autumn B

My son loves Switched-On Schoolhouse...and so do I! The interactive lessons and games keep schoolwork interesting for him and the automatic grading makes it easy for me. If your children are visual learners or you're feeling like you're being stretched too thin with all the lesson planning and preparation that textbooks require, Switched-On Schoolhouse is your answer.

Lisa C

I just wanted to write and thank you for a GREAT curriculum. My daughter has just started the 9th grade SOS homeschool curriculum and we both love it. It is so easy to use and I love the flexibility. It does so much of the work I used to do like scheduling, organizing lessons, and grading. My daughter loves the content and the variety of teaching techniques used. She also loves how easy it is for her to see what her lessons are and what her grades are. No more backpacks busting at the seams! Thank you so much. We plan to use SOS all the way through high school. WELL DONE! God bless you all.

Lisa V

I love this curriculum! It is so easy to use and my children look forward to school each day. My oldest is able to work independently while I help the youngest. It makes both schoolwork and grading a breeze! Anyone could do it!

Pam J



Switched-On-Schoolhouse,from Alpha Omega Publications, has a proven track record of instilling Bible-based virtues into the hearts and minds of students. The outstanding educational benefits to multiple graduating classes are clear. College and career choices have abounded as have test scores.

Calvary Apostolic Academy

Valley Christian School was introduced to the SOS program in 2003. Our administration was interested in using this program for homeschool students and in the Enrichment Center for remediation and credit recovery. When I saw the program, I instantly thought about our Slavic children, who would be able to progress more productively in learning English, since the program could be personalized according to each student's needs and abilities. In the past two years, five satellite schools have been opened in the Northwest Region. The Northwest Association of Slavic Baptist Churches in partnership with Valley Christian School and AOP now provides a quality education to more than 200 students. Our students take the Stanford Achievement Test each year, and the test results are improving year by year. Our graduates are better prepared to perform well on the SAT I and SAT II tests, and more equipped to meet college requirements. During the past three years, I have witnessed that the SOS individualized program teaches students to be more responsible for their own education, their own achievement, and their spiritual maturity.

Distance Education Administrator
Valley Christian School

I think SOS is just amazing! I've been looking through the electives and other curriculum and I just can't wait to start my kids on SOS.

Christi D

We are in our 14th year of home educating our five children. My husband has wanted us to use a traditional textbook approach to our schooling up until this point. This worked fairly well with the exception of a huge overload of bookkeeping for me. The problem increased significantly the last two years as our chilren moved up in their grades. It got to the point where I was completely stressed out and overwhelmed with all the grading. We were contemplating puting out children in private school even though the cost of that was a huge burden on us. The DAY BEFORE I had a scheduled visit to the school, the AOP catalog came in the mail. I could not believe my eyes as I read about SOS. It was everything we needed to be able to continue home educating our children. SOS was sent from heaven to our doorstep! We have been using SOS with 3 students and I wish so much that we would have known about it earlier for our son who graduated last year. I had concerns about the children using the computer so much but we have had a wonderful experience and my children love seeing their grades every day--no more waiting for mom!! SOS has helped me enjoy teaching my children again. It has taken the dread out of a new day filled with yet more paperwork and stress. THANK YOU for creating such a wonderful, affordable curriculum!

Heidi W
New Jersey


I started using SOS in 7th grade. I am now in tenth grade and I love it! I have epilepsy and it caused me to miss a lot of school and as a result, get failing grades. With SOS, I have all As and my parents love it. With Christianity taken out of the schools as much as they have and all of the crazy stuff that goes on in schools, Switched-On Schoolhouse is amazing! My classes are actually FUN. It really is a miracle for my family to be able to have this with all the doctor appointments we have to keep and being able to take my laptop anywhere and be in school.

Hannah C

We started using SOS for the first time this year and it has been a great experience for us! We had never used a computer curriculum before and I was a bit nervous but this has been so easy and user friendly and my 3rd grade daughter just loves it! She has stayed so consistently enthused about her lessons this year that I find her grabbing her laptop in the evenings and working ahead. I will never use anything else!

Angela M


I am writing to tell you of the wonderful experience I have had with the your curriculum. I began homeschooling my thirteen-year-old son when he was four years old and in preschool. We tried many methods, styles, and materials throughout the years. I always felt drawn to LIFEPAC and SOS materials. After prayerful consideration, we have spent two very happy and successful years using these materials. I have found the Switched-On Schoolhouse lessons to be engaging and interesting. Subjects that I would not have had the time or ability to teach him personally have been studied with confidence, creating an independent learner. The LIFEPACs have provided a means to systematically learn at a pace that is comfortable for him while completing the course work for the year. The well researched and presented information provide opportunities for understanding the content, while igniting an interest to learn more about the subject matter. The biblical integration has been a blessing to me and has strengthened my sons' knowledge and faith. I look forward to receiving my Daily Focus devotionals from AOP in my email and start my day with godly encouragement. Having AOP as my partner in my childrens' education has supported me and confirmed in my mind that I have the ability to homeschool my children throughout their high school years. Thank you for providing these excellent materials.

Mary Annthipie B
New Jersey

SOS helps me a lot. I have been homeschooled for seven years. My mom pulled me out of public school when I was in the fourth grade. Now successfully I am in the eleventh grade making As and Bs. I'm on, I guess you call it, the honor roll. I love the Christian aspect of SOS because around here other schools make children believe they came from monkeys. I rate a trillion points to SOS because they're there to teach you what you need. I believe everybody should be homeschooled because there is no school like home. I do have to say SOS is getting me ready for my future job (I'm planning on doing two majors at one time to learn things like cosmetology and nursing/working with children).

Taylor M


Looking back now, as a graduating senior in college, I thank the Lord for two things about my high school education. The first is that He pushed my parents to homeschool me. The second is that they found SOS! For me as an active kid I loved that SOS was on the computer making it very interactive. Honestly, SOS made school a learning experience and not a chore! Each year I was in SOS, which was all of junior high and high school, SOS came up with new ideas for the program including games and videos which are the absolute sweetest especially in science. SOS helped my parents teach me the things I needed to know to give me the opportunities I have today. Will SOS prepare a student for college? Well, SOS was my primary curriculum and now I am true senior graduating college after 4 years with a B.S. in Accountancy and a 3.7 GPA. A major aspect of life and college that SOS teaches along with the parents is the responsibility of getting work done on your own initiative. Parents may not think about how a curriculum could teach students to operate within a schedule and plan work, yet SOS teaches these things through how the curriculum is designed. Whenever I meet a younger student who is using SOS I give them a high five and ask them what new features the program has because I absolutely loved it. Thank you SOS designers and may the Lord richly bless your continued efforts to help parents give their children the best education which the Lord desires them to have.

Michael S



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