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Albert Marrin
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The penniless tramp who rose to wield more power than most any other man in history. This illustrated biography exposes the beguiling nature of totalitarianism. A must read. 249 pages, grade 7 and up.


Hitler's ScientistsHitler's Scientists
John Cornwell
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Covering the dramatic rise of German science in the 19th century, its preeminence in the early 20th century, and the frightening developments that led to its collapse in 1945, this is a the compelling story of German scientists under Hitler's regime. Weaving the history of science and technology with the fortunes of war and the stories of men and women whose discoveries brought both benefits and destruction to the world. Hitler's Scientists raises questions that are still urgent today. As science becomes embroiled in new generations of weapons of mass destruction and the war against terrorism, as advances in biotechnology outstrip traditional ethics, this powerful account of Nazi science forms a crucial commentary on the ethical role of science.

The Rise Of HitlerThe Rise Of Hitler
Nathaniel Harris
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How did Hitler come to power? What convinced the legions of people to follow him, even as he took more and more freedoms away? Short chapters provide a brief biography of Hitler's life, including the events that would figure prominently in his later policy making, as well as the individual methods he used to control the German population. Propaganda, death camps, oration, youth programs, and the state of the German people at the time of his ascent all paint a startling and clear look at how Hitler rose to become the "Fuehrer." 56 pages with index, glossary, and timeline. Photos included.


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