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Explore the rich texture found in Scripture's original languages - and deepen your understanding of God's word! Zodhiates' innovative study system helps you find the actual meaning of key Hebrew and Greek words while you're working in English.

Special Features:
  • Old and New Testament studies
  • Lexicons keyed to Strong's
  • Handy grammatical codes card
  • Words of Christ in red
  • Concordance
  • Center-column references
  • Book introductions and footnotes cover points of Bible history, exegesis, and customs
  • Maps
  • 2100 pages, from AMG


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The Complete Word Study Old TestamentThe Complete Word Study Old Testament
Spiros Zodhiates
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CBD Price: $34.99
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Studying Hebrew and Aramaic now takes one book, not your entire desktop. Every word in the Old Testament has its Strong's number and a grammatical code printed above the English text. Strong's Dictionary of the Hebrew Bible is included in the Study Helps section and gives detailed definitions of key words. Other helps include grammatical notations which explain the codes, and a translational reference index which links each English word of the KJV to all the Hebrew words it represents.
Also available:
Word Study, New Testament | Word Study Dictionary, New Testament



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