Samuel Morse and the TelegraphSamuel Morse and the Telegraph
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Read the story of how Samuel Morse came up with his ideas like you never have before! Re-envisioned as a graphic novel, this action-packed, non-fiction book will appeal to even those typically non-enthusiastic about reading and history. Vividly illustrated with historical notes providing context, the studious efforts and experimentation of Morse are captured in a format for a new generation of readers. 32 indexed pages, softcover. Grades 3-6.

Samuel F.B. Morse, Sower SeriesSamuel F.B. Morse, Sower Series
John Hudson Tiner
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A biography of the artist and inventor who devised the world's first practical telegraph system. For ages 9 to 13.


EIN-O's Morse Code Box KitEIN-O's Morse Code Box Kit
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This Morse code box kit instructs children how to build a simple electric device to send and receive code messages. Includes Ein-O's I Know Guide.


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